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  • Door-to-Door Organics (Chicago)

    Tim and I came up to Chicago last Friday, here to spend a week with my family, and in that time, we have already been given so many gifts—at a beautiful wedding shower thrown for us Saturday, in presents for my birthday today, and, yesterday, through a complimentary box of organic produce delivered to my […]

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  • housekeeping

    Well, I hope I’m not jinxing things by saying so, but that last post seems to have worked: it’s looking and feeling more like spring every day! Today I drove with the windows down! Tonight as I’m typing, the birds are chirping! I’ve been hearing about Passover seders on Twitter and from friends, Easter is […]

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  • always, with lemon (roasted cauliflower)

    While it’s true I’m easily persuaded about most things, whether it’s trying cookies without flour, taking trips to new places or realizing I’d been wrong all along about that crazy thing called meatloaf, you could still say there are a few fixed aspects of my nature, ones I don’t expect I’ll ever shake. It’s hard […]