The Perfect Crustless Quiche

February 17 was a big day for my family this year. Not only was it my mom's birthday, but it also was the first time they came to visit Nashville. Ever! And while I've been wanting my parents to visit ever since I first moved last February, I'll be the first to admit that in the valley of a few weeks ago, it felt a little impossible. So I'm thankful to say that in fact, we had a busy four days, filled with many moments where I'd look at Tim and say, I'm not in pain!, amidst marathons of Downton Abbey, antiquing in Franklin, a visit to the gym and grabbing them Olive & Sinclair chocolate-dipped popsicles at Hot and Cold. It all started when they arrived early Friday morning, having braved a 6 AM flight to get here, and so we had a birthday breakfast waiting---and the star of that show was this quiche. Here are the reasons I like this quiche: 1) You don't have to make a pie crust. It's not that I have anything against pie crust (especially not this foolproof one!); it's just that … [Read more...]

Rolled Eggplant

Today, I’m bringing you an everyday recipe, the kind you can pull out on a random weeknight, the kind that makes an easy dinner, the kind that, I know, isn’t especially wow-worthy at first glance. It starts with eggplant. But let's back up first. … [Read more...]

Birthday Giveaway One (or, basil and peaches!)

(This giveaway is now closed, and the winner [Alicia!] has been contacted. Thanks to all who entered!) You know what it's like when you start noticing what you appreciate about something, be it food or a place or a person you've just met, and then it goes and gets better? Almost as if your thankfulness were the cause, that thing suddenly pulls out even more of its charms: that dark chocolate's topped by sea salt, that person makes you laugh especially hard, that neighborhood looks much more lovely when the sunlight hits the trees a certain way. You already knew you liked it, but now. Oh, now! Now you're sold, smitten, goooone. Well, that's what summer's gone and done, since I wrote that last post. And has it ever. … [Read more...]

spelt ravioli

If you're like me, the thought of making homemade pasta is right up there with the thought of knitting your own clothes or building your own car: Sure, theoretically, it's good. Other people might try it, and when they do, you might think it's a little cool. But let's be honest, it's unnecessary, over-involved, time-consuming and, mostly, way out of your league. Besides, that's why there are shopping malls! And car dealerships! And hello? Grocery stores with ready-made pasta you only need to boil. Listen, I know. At first glance, making homemade pasta seems daunting. The very mention of it sends some of us out to buy the latest pasta maker or KitchenAid attachment or, in an even more likely scenario, reaching way back in the cupboards, where our existing pasta maker or attachment has been hiding. We know making pasta takes time, and it might be messy. I know that. Last weekend, I did it anyway. And when I did, I learned something: when you make it from scratch, the results will … [Read more...]