Kale Mashed Potatoes + September in Nashville

Tim went away for a work trip last week, just for two days really, but all the way to New York, putting him not only out of state but also in a different time zone, for the first night (and nights) we have ever been apart since we got married. It wasn't something we looked forward to, upcoming nights apart like these, and, leading up to the trip, I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel dread (or that I didn't say to him, when I dropped him off at the airport, "Do you think it's too late to cancel?," both of us laughing). It wasn't that I thought I'd be afraid at night or have nothing to do with myself or break down on the side of the road and not have him to call (OK, a little bit the last one, but only in the same way that I tend to imagine a plane going down once I get on it)---it was mostly that when you love someone, you want to be with them, and I love Tim. I feel really grateful to have him, and I know I've said that before, but I say it again because gratitude isn't the … [Read more...]

the perfect complement

For some of us, we found out in kindergarten, say when we were the goofy pink pig in a school play, holding a large cardboard animal in front of our puffy party dress, wearing a big white bow in our equally puffy hair (later immortalized in photographs we'd see again and again). But there are others, I suppose, who didn't know until high school or adulthood maybe, when they didn't get the promotion they wanted or didn't become famous, or, if they did, it didn't turn out to be what they'd hoped. Whenever it happens, we eventually learn: Not everyone can be the star. And maybe I've just known this for so long that I'm justifying, but, here's my take: It's not so bad to play a supporting role. In order for anyone to be a star, someone has to be a fan. For every leading lady, there's a winsome best friend. For every best-selling author, there are publishers and editors and illustrators, not to mention readers---the people who ultimately determine a book's success. And in that way, … [Read more...]