• salad
  • Satsuma, Red Onion and Pomegranate Salad

    I know I could write this post about our holidays—our first Christmas traveling to both Ohio and Chicago; our first year of giving gifts as a couple; our first Christmas stretching between two families because we are our now our own. I could tell you about all the food we ate—the amazing, high-quality, enjoyable meals […]

  • beverage
  • this shell (POM-banana smoothie)

    It is the strangest thing to look at the shell of a person, the body without the soul, and to comprehend how someone could be here and then, not here at all. I spent some time thinking about that this last weekend, surrounded by people who were bonded only by the shell we were standing […]

  • before the 2009 diet change
  • take it with you

    At the end of some weeks, what you really need is a pretty pink drink, you know? It’s not that this past one hasn’t been good—filled with kind people, strangers who felt like friends, unexpected work and unexpected rest—it has. In fact, like I could tell you about most of my life, it’s been filled […]