Einkorn Rye Chocolate Chip Pancakes

einkorn rye chocolate chip pancakes-2

I woke up this morning wanting chocolate chip pancakes, so after Tim and I split an apple (fruit in the morning every morning!), these einkorn rye beauties, studded with melted chocolate throughout, were side by side with us at our computer screens. I went with rye because of the bag of rye flour in our freezer, which came in my first Thrive Market order last week. (Short sales pitch: Have you heard of Thrive Market yet? They say they're Costco meets Whole Foods. And while they're not paying me to tell you this, we did sign up to be affiliates after joining the service, because, you guys, last week I got two jars of organic peanut butter + two boxes of maple buckwheat cereal + a bag of Purely Elizabeth granola + five boxes (!!) of One Degree cereal + two bags of [rye and buckwheat] flour for a whopping total of $41, including the free shipping and handling. OK, commercial over. You can go learn more here if you like.) Back to the pancakes. So should you wake up tomorrow morning … [Read more...]

Einkorn Spelt Homemade Graham Crackers + Little Gems USA (Giveaway)

homemade einkorn spelt graham crackers with molasses

My friend Leslie runs a Chicago-based jewelry business called LittleGemsUSA, from which 50 percent of all proceeds go straight to charity. Today it is our pure honor to feature that business here, alongside a recipe for the homemade graham crackers I am obsessed with, and accompanied by a giveaway for the sweet little bracelet I'm wearing in the pictures. I love Leslie and I love what she's doing, so it was my idea that she do an interview/giveaway (UPDATE: congratulations, Katrina!) here. When she sent me the answers to her questions, I cried, because, in case you're wondering, she actually is as kind and humble as she sounds. After the Q/A and photos below, you'll find more information about these graham crackers and more information about Leslie's business, including how to win the bracelet and you can go purchase jewelry that will support women and children in need. This is one of those posts that I feel really proud of and thankful for, so please do scroll all the way to the … [Read more...]

Homemade Hot Chocolate


Special thanks to Yahoo! for sponsoring this post! Happy December! Today is the day The Einkorn Cookbook officially releases, so if you haven't ordered your copy yet, now would be a great time to do so---go ahead, I'll wait---and once you've got a copy in your hands this winter season, why not cuddle up with it alongside a glass of homemade hot chocolate? It's a myth that making homemade hot chocolate has to take longer and/or be more involved than making the packaged kind that comes in a box. Have you believed this? Don't. To put together your own, real-foods, deliciously rich and creamy hot chocolate, here are the pantry staples that you need: milk (raw milk or coconut milk are our favorites), cocoa powder and a sweetener (honey or maple syrup work great). You mix the three of them together, proportions according to your tastes, and have a hot, chocolatey beverage ready in 10 minutes or less. In today's version, I added a bit of cayenne pepper and a dash of salt, but those … [Read more...]

Blueberry Whole-Grain Kamut Scones

Blueberry Scones Made with Kamut Flour

I’m a rusher. I do things quickly. Case in point, sometime years ago, I read about a cool cookbook, emailed it to Tim as a part joke, part serious suggestion of something he buy me for an upcoming gift, and as soon as the note left my draft screen, I forgot about it. On to the next thing. Good thing he didn’t though because that’s how Breakfast Lunch Tea joined my cookbook hoard last August, when he gave it to me as a birthday gift. It’s such a fun cookbook. Written by a bakery owner, it’s super spare and minimal in style but filled with highly tried and tested recipes and the kind of inspiring headnotes that say things like “everyone loves these at the bakery” or “this is one of my favorites.” I loved it afresh when he handed it to me last year, and I loved it afresh again last night when we got talking about it and I immediately jumped up from where we were sitting to grab it from its home on our waist-high wooden bookshelf in the dining room. Soon the two of us were talking about … [Read more...]

Summer Squash Soup + Cheesy Zucchini Crispies

summer squash soup

Our friend Terry said something to us last week about how culture is like a thumbprint embedded on our souls. Like a lot of things we don't pick or ask for, that thumbprint is predetermined for us when we're born; it surrounds us; we swim in it. Like the air we breath, our culture is part of everything we think and do, affecting us, being affected by us, and yet virtually unnoticeable. I am a different person because I was born into the geographic location of the Chicago suburbs and not South Florida or small-town Texas or northern California, I realize, the first child of a Midwestern couple who were starting a new business, not working at office jobs, and a new family, not a big one, in the early 1980s. My personality and perspectives have been affected by a childhood in private school instead of public school where my mom and not my dad cooked most nights and my family ate out often. I went to northern Wisconsin most summers, not the East or the West. It was normal to me that people … [Read more...]

Rooibos Maple Honeybush Affogato


I am writing this post from our bedroom, sitting cross-legged on the white bedspread, the white noise of our air-conditioning loud enough on this warm April Monday to have me wondering why it’s belting out so fiercely and also if I’ve missed the sound of the oven timer going off. I just got up to check—both the air-conditioning and the oven—and turned the air-conditioning off and pulled a tray of near-burned oatmeal cookies from the oven. This activity is sort of a microcosm of my entire life, maybe yours too, this making of messes and then cleaning them up. I mean, from the moment I get up (make the bed!) to the projects throughout the day (Workout; pile sweaty clothes that smell like elephants into the hamper. Do laundry; dump it onto the bed to fold. Prepare dinner; now wash the dishes. Get an assignment; untangle the documents and instructions into something that makes sense). Chaos, order, chaos, order. When Tim’s family was in town visiting a few weeks ago, I told my … [Read more...]

Creamy Red Roasted Beet Soup


Posting a red roasted beet soup the week after Valentine's Day is a little like posting a pumpkin pie the month after Thanksgiving, but we're going ahead and bringing you this rosy red romance in a bowl today instead of two weeks ago because it demonstrates the versatility of the basic cream soup. Like the last post, which showcased a velvety carrot soup with amaretti crumble, this creamy red roasted beet soup is beautiful simplicity---a quick and easy sauté-cook-purée-and-strain kind of job. The only added step with this method is roasting the vegetables (in this case, beets) ahead of time, which not only speeds up the soup-cooking process, but also imparts the deepened flavor that roasting vegetables brings. Also worth mentioning is the fact that you could do the same thing with many other vegetables, as demonstrated in the links below, so once you have the method down you have a ready dinner in your back pocket. In terms of taste, this beet soup is earthy and slightly sweet, with … [Read more...]