Stovetop Squash Pudding with Toasted Hazelnuts


I love Thanksgiving because I need thanksgiving. I need to practice gratitude, and I need to do it every moment of the day. I need to see my full hands. I need to stop and offer thanks. I need thanksgiving because I need to taste joy---oh, how I need to taste joy!---in the midst of the days that don't go my way and the days that do. … [Read more...]

Bosc Pear, Currant, and Hazelnut Salad


I realize that the holidays of television specials are not, for most people, the holidays of reality. Travel is stressful; family is complicated; people have magazine expectations for non-magazine life, and those magazine expectations tend to hurt when they're crushed. One of the best and worst parts about family is that you don't get to pick who they are---You don't get to pick parents who are super interested in your life or siblings who like all the things you do. You don't get to pick aunts and uncles who know you're vegan or gluten-free and are willing to accommodate that when you share your annual Thanksgiving meal. You might see a salad like this one at the end of November and think you want to add it to the holiday meal, but you're not allowed to help; you might see a salad like this one and wish someone else would make it, but you're the one already managing the long list. Going into the holiday season, for many people, confronts feelings you probably don't want to have, and … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Cake + Pumpkin Trifle

pumpkin wedding cake |

Exactly one year ago today, Tim and I were up in the Chicago suburbs, driving out to the DuPage County courthouse to lift up our hands and solemnly swear that we were who we said we were and get the nice lady in the sea of cubicles to hand us our marriage license, our marriage license! I remember walking out of that building, into the crowded parking lot, hand in hand with Tim and thinking, our marriage license! It’s official now! Not just in terms of a giant dress in the closet and a chalkboard seating chart, but, as in, according to the government, we’re actually about to do this thing. Three days from now, we’re getting hitched! I know I’ve said this here before, but, seriously, there are so many more details involved with planning a wedding than I ever would have imagined, and, when you plan your wedding fast, like we did in six months, you learn to scrap a lot of those details in the name of staying sane---like a wedding cake maybe. We had pretty much ruled it out, thinking … [Read more...]

Tennessee Apple Picking + Rustic Apple Tartlets (+ Einkorn Flour!)

It's Saturday. I'm awake too early, still in bed but eyes wide open, staring at the ceiling, too excited to go back to sleep. Today we're going apple-picking, which, for the joy it gives me, may as well be cookie-eating or treasure-finding, and right now, the sound of Tim's breathing next to me, all I can think about are the bright blue skies, warm golden sunshine and endless apples that await us when we do. What can I say about apple-picking that hasn't already been said? That there's something wonderful about standing amongst rows of trees, many of them heavy with fruit, the yeasty smell of fallen, fermenting apples in the air? That trekking out with your friends or family to an orchard, a basket slung over your arm, feels like a celebration, just like carving a turkey or chopping down a Christmas tree? Or maybe that picking apples, to me, is one of those activities that's so quintessentially autumn, so like pumpkin carving or sipping cider, that when you go out and do it, … [Read more...]

Brown Butter Cranberry Hazelnut Tart + Chocolate Tart

I never thought much about what our first Christmas would be like---which is funny because, for a classic overthinker like me, it's rare not to think about something. Maybe it was because of how big October seemed and how faraway December felt. The first week, we bought a six-foot Fraser fir, purchased from a giant red-and-white tent outside Home Depot, a tree that smells like the forest and sheds needles every day. We stowed it in the back of Tim's car, alongside a poinsettia and a fresh wreath from Aldi, and put it in our living room, inside a plastic stand Tim hadn't used for four years and topped by white bulb lights I'd hung at that blog birthday party I had in 2009. We hung a homemade advent calendar (inspiration: summer harms) on our dining room window, made of leftover wedding kraft envelopes and filled with holiday activities each of us wrote on slips of paper, mixed together and inserted randomly. The first day was kisses every hour; the second was a … [Read more...]

How to Make the Perfect Apple Strudel

After three attempts, two days and one satisfying result, I can honestly say I know something today I didn't know a week ago---well, make that, I know a lot of somethings, and they all have to do with one thing, the kind of thing that's no small feat, especially when you're a slow learner (hand raised!) and prone to catastrophe (why yes, that was me that put wax paper in the oven on attempt #1)---I now know how to make the perfect apple strudel. There are bigger accomplishments to be made in life than this, I know, but there are few I'd be more happy about and few I'd be more excited to share with you. So here is the story. You could say things began last Saturday, at an evening wedding on the lake, where all the tables in a big white tent in Michigan were topped by gorgeous, green apples and a certain beautiful bride insisted we take a whole basket home with us, because have you read her blog? she's always generous like that and, our arms full while we walked to the car, we … [Read more...]

how we are waiting (homemade nutella)

These days, I wake up naturally an hour before my alarm. Every morning. My eyes open, I blink in the early sunlight and I reach for my alarm clock, hoping against reason that it won't be what it always is: bright blinking numbers signaling 6:30 (or worse, 6:15). Understand, it is not the time that bothers me, but the timing, a full hour or more before I need to wake up, a full hour or more before I need to have my eyes open or my arms reaching for the alarm clock. It's a matter of waste, really, a waste of precious sleep. At this point, I have two basic choices: I can get up, and I do sometimes, or I can try to go back to sleep, laying there, awake, beneath the giant white cloud that is my down comforter, and I can close my eyes and wait---for sleep to come or for a more decent hour to arrive. In either case, when I do eventually rise, I'll have to wait for other things. I will go to the shower, waiting for the hot water to come; to the kitchen, waiting for the bread to toast, for … [Read more...]