a fried egg on toast

Monday morning, I fried an egg and put it on toast.

i like eggs

I like eggs. Eggs are simple.


I also like toast. Toast is simple, too.

I know many people who read food blogs do so in order to find inspiration, motivation, new ingredients or new recipes, but I’m afraid that isn’t what I’ve got for you today. Instead, I have a fried egg. I have toast. I have the comfort that comes from what is familiar and routine, particularly when that something is being slowly enjoyed and savored.

fried egg on toast

It’s true this post is nothing earth-shattering, but it is important. It is worth some attention here. Because listen, this very basic, very everyday, very beautifully simple breakfast is also a reminder: it’s a reminder that anytime you find yourself in the midst of things decidedly un-simple—be they budgeting, taxes, packing, moving, or finding a new place to live—you still have basic kitchen routines, like frying eggs, to return to.

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an ALT sandwich (with sprouts and cheddar)

Yesterday, I made a sandwich for lunch.

(I also threw away two dozen old magazines. And made a donation pile for Goodwill. And listed things to sell on Amazon and eBay.)

Here is how the sandwich part went.

1. I took two pieces of bread, covered one with sliced raw cheddar and stuck them in the 350-degree oven for a little while (maybe five to ten minutes).

bread and cheddar

2. I sliced an avocado in half, removed the pit, sliced the flesh while it was still inside the skin.

add avocado

3. When the bread was good and toasted and the cheese all melty, I put avocado slices on the plain piece.

building the sandwich

4. I sliced a big, fat, juicy red tomato into slices.

add tomato

5. Lettuce (aka mixed greens) goes on top of the avocado, then tomato, then salt and pepper—they’re key.

add lettuce and tomatoes

6. I wanted to add sprouts, but all I could find at Trader Joe’s were microgreens. They’re fun.

add sprouts or microgreens

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