Classic Einkorn Chocolate Chip Cookies


I know today is the first of the year and the time for resolutions and healthy recipe searches, but while we were in Ohio last week, Tim got talking about some chocolate chip cookies his mom used to make, crisp around the edges and soft on the inside. It turned out his sister, Gina, had his mom's original recipe book on hand, one of those spiral-bound church club versions where Myrtle shares her meatloaf and Veera provides her famous recipe for banana cream pie. That's how I found out the cookies from Tim's memories came from the kitchen of one Marcia Maki and were marked with a handwritten "very good" in his mom's red pen. I love when people write in their cookbooks, almost as much as I love the way that food lets us remember people who cooked for us once they're gone. It's a way of making a cookbook more personal, more your own. It's also a great reference for posterity 20 or 30 years down the line, when they want to know if Mom liked the cherry pie and see a big "NO" written on … [Read more...]

Einkorn Spelt Homemade Graham Crackers + Little Gems USA (Giveaway)

homemade einkorn spelt graham crackers with molasses

My friend Leslie runs a Chicago-based jewelry business called LittleGemsUSA, from which 50 percent of all proceeds go straight to charity. Today it is our pure honor to feature that business here, alongside a recipe for the homemade graham crackers I am obsessed with, and accompanied by a giveaway for the sweet little bracelet I'm wearing in the pictures. I love Leslie and I love what she's doing, so it was my idea that she do an interview/giveaway (UPDATE: congratulations, Katrina!) here. When she sent me the answers to her questions, I cried, because, in case you're wondering, she actually is as kind and humble as she sounds. After the Q/A and photos below, you'll find more information about these graham crackers and more information about Leslie's business, including how to win the bracelet and you can go purchase jewelry that will support women and children in need. This is one of those posts that I feel really proud of and thankful for, so please do scroll all the way to the … [Read more...]

Salted Rosemary Einkorn Breadsticks + JQ Dickinson Salt Giveaway

salted rosemary einkorn breadsticks

"As long as thanks is possible, then joy is always possible." Ann Voskamp My body is tired but my heart is full as we step into this Thanksgiving week, which around here is the week my friend Jackie got married (yesterday!), the week of my dad's birthday (tomorrow!), the week before The Einkorn Cookbook comes out and, also notably in blog terms, the week we're going to a virtual Friendsgiving and bringing these breadsticks topped with J.Q. Dickinson salt. Today's post, with a recipe adapted from our cookbook that comes out a week from today, is part of a series of posts happening this week where bloggers are all bringing something to the table that features this artisanal, hand-harvested salt made in West Virginia. And after a hectic summer and fall where blogging was on the back burner most of the time, I'm thankful to have more moments to spend in the kitchen making things like these, and to get to come share photos and thoughts about them with you here. I love a good … [Read more...]

Baked Cherry (Einkorn) Cake Doughnuts

cherry doughnuts

This morning before we got up, talking ourselves into starting the day, Tim suggested baked goods. "Cake?" he started. No, we'd just had banana cake. "Muffins?" No, I made him streusel-topped blueberry muffins on Saturday, the one thing he wanted (not cake, not ice cream) as his birthday treat. (We loved those muffins, and we wanted more of those muffins, but how could we give them a new twist?) "What about doughnuts?" I asked him. That blueberry-buckle-turned-muffin recipe is truly a standout, altogether worthy of the birthday remake it received, so surely it could be doughnuts, too. We'd loved it last summer after blueberry-picking, and we'd loved it this past weekend on the road (right down to the last one we'd packed and saved for Sunday afternoon, eating it with our hands after church). I don't know what it is about this recipe---The fluffy interior of the crumb, the crumbly topping so decadent and sweet, the bright bursts of blueberry mixed into each bite---but it's officially … [Read more...]

Red Fruit Custard Cake


"We eat fruit with joy and with abandon, but very occasionally, and for special moments, I prepare fruit-based desserts: pies and stewed fruit compotes, ice creams and sorbets." Jennifer McGruther, Nourished Kitchen If you know Tim, you know how much the man loves fruit. The other day, he turned to me in the car, cruising up I-65, and out of nowhere said, "I'd like to take a few days and eat nothing but blueberries," which is honestly not that unusual of a thing for him to say. One of our biggest someday dreams is to have our own land with fruit trees and berry bushes, which he likes to remind me his grandparents did on a city lot in Chicago, to explain maybe it's not such a pipe dream. So of course when we were looking through Jenny McGruther's beautiful new cookbook,  The Nourished Kitchen: Farm-to-Table Recipes for the Traditional Foods Lifestyle Featuring Bone Broths, Fermented Vegetables, Grass-Fed Meats, Wholesome Fats, Raw Dairy, and Kombuchas, the fruit sections stood … [Read more...]

Einkorn Cream Puffs


I read somewhere this weekend that stepping into grief is a lot like stepping into a dark room. The door shuts behind you and you panic because you can’t see, your arms go flailing all about, you're lost and alone and unsure. It's scary and it's lonely and you aren't sure what to do, but then your vision adjusts. You look around and with new eyes you see what at first you couldn’t—that there are people who climbed in there with you when you went to that dark place, like my friend Joanna who cried with me and let me cry with her and who knew so well what to say and how to say it, I may never respond to anyone who is grieving again in the same way I once would have done. Then your eyes adjust more, and even more shockingly, you see there are people all around you who were already there, people who have walked through their own miscarriages, people like some of you who honored us with your stories, and you think, I had no idea you were in this place!, and you find real comfort in seeing … [Read more...]

Roasted Carrot Ravioli in Thyme Brown Butter


"Choose love not in the shallows but in the deeps." Christina Rossetti It's Valentine's week and people are talking about love, and I already brought you two sets of hearts, so I better talk about the thoughts behind them if I'm ever going to. I've been thinking so much lately about the difference between lives looked at from far away and lives looked at up close. I don't know why this is hitting me now and not when I was 15 like it probably hits some people, but now that I've seen it, I'm seeing it everywhere. It's the difference between watching someone on TV and sitting with someone for coffee, between listening to a speaker at a conference and listening to a friend in your living room, between giving someone a run-down of your day and giving someone a run-down of your heart. Things look different from far away than they look up close. Loving from a distance, in the shallows, is usually easier, as there's less risk involved and more control. You can craft a pretty image when … [Read more...]