Maple Blueberry Coconut Oil Scones Made with Einkorn Flour (Dairy-Free, Refined-Sugar-Free)

blueberry maple scones made with einkorn flour and coconut oil

I had a meltdown this weekend, full and total, lots of crying, the way pregnant women (or maybe especially this pregnant woman) are prone to do. Being pregnant has been weirdly easy for me physically---today at Trader Joe's, the sweet cashier asked me how far along I am, "37 weeks!" I said, and she gave a sympathetic nod with her sarcastic "oh, man, I bet you're feeling great." Then I had to say, actually, I am! Falling asleep is different than it used to be, I have this whole pillow arrangement I'm pretty married to now, and I've noticed I'm getting slower when I walk, but overall I feel good, just big, in most ways. The one way I do feel super pregnant, however, is when I have one of these meltdowns, man, these meltdowns, and hear myself venting out all these doubts and emotions that I really don't need to let have a voice in my heart. Tim's pretty good about handling these outbursts, which thankfully come less often than they did in early pregnancy, and this past weekend, he said … [Read more...]

Easy Chocolate Cake with Date-Sweetened Chocolate Frosting

chocolate cake with date frosting-3

I'm going to be honest with you: I stopped feeling inspired in the kitchen sometime last trimester. I'm still into eating, eating is great, but I just don't want to be the one making the food. It takes so much mental energy to think of what to make. A few weeks ago, on a Thursday night when we had friends coming into town for the weekend, I realized with panic, sometime around 6 or 7 p.m., that we hadn't planned ahead for dinner and now we had to think of something fast, and then our friends arrived, and I was starving, so we pulled out the Vitamix and blended up oranges right there with them in the kitchen, when they'd just come from dinner out. So tacky but so necessary. I've been theorizing about what's going on, about how a person who normally loves spending free time in the kitchen become a person who wants all the food all the places as long as she doesn't have to make them, and all I can say is who knows. Maybe Baby's taking my brain power. Maybe all my creative energy is going … [Read more...]

(Baked) Fried Chicken on Mango Avocado Salad + Fight Hunger with Walmart!

baked chicken on mango avocado salad-23

Even as Tim and I made these (baked) fried chicken salads last Saturday, it was with an awareness that we are remarkably privileged to be able to go to the store, pick out what we want to bring home and then, together, cook it to have something good to eat. Not everybody knows these luxuries. With that in mind, we're glad to write this post as ambassadors for Walmart's current Fight Hunger program, one step towards eradicating the real issues of hunger today, with the help of consumers and six key vendors, working towards an overall goal of providing 75 million meals to Feeding America Food Banks nationwide (and they're close!). Below, in this sponsored post, we are sharing some information about Walmart's current program along with a recipe for the killer chicken we made last weekend, set on top of salads that, in honor of the work Walmart is doing now, feature ingredients found at our local retail location. In our protected pocket of middle-class America, it's hard to … [Read more...]

Erin’s Veggie Burgers

erin alderson's chickpea veggie burgers

Blogging gives lots of gifts, but the opportunities to connect with souls you may have never met otherwise has got to be my favorite--and a perfect example of that would be the very lovely Erin Alderson from Naturally Ella. I can't talk about Erin without gushing because she is at once an incredibly talented recipe developer/photographer and a genuinely kind and thoughtful person that Tim and I are blessed to have sat down with in offline life. Like me, she's originally from Illinois but now lives somewhere totally different (in her case, California!) because of love. She is also, insert squeal here, 36 weeks pregnant right now (!!), soon to deliver her first child, a boy, and so today a bunch of bloggers are celebrating her in a virtual baby shower filled with easy vegetarian meals (all the shower/recipe links are at the bottom, just before the recipe break). For our contribution, we're bringing these burgers, which are Erin's original recipe, taken from her recently released new … [Read more...]

OmniMount Combo Kit (Giveaway!) + Grandma’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

the omnimount ipad combo

In the time since we last spoke, Tim and I have gone to our first baby shower together (and it was thrown for us) (!!), hosted our first overnight house guests in our halfway-renovated home, spent time with my side of the family and Tim's side of the family and been showered with unbelievable future-grandparents-uncles-aunts generosity from both, spent a weekend in Asheville being fed homemade croissants and trying to explain einkorn to total strangers at a giant fair, paid our taxes (ooooouch) and gotten pretty addicted to a new kitchen gadget we're excited to share here today. In this post, I used it to bake a version of my grandma's oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and at the end of the post, the folks who make it are going to give one away to one of you. So let's talk a little about these cookies and about this gadget, the OmniMount iPad Combo Kit. First the gadget: so what we essentially have here is a much easier way to look up recipes and research information … [Read more...]

Gingered Pear Einkorn Coffee Cake with Streusel Topping

ginger pear coffee cake with streusel topping-3

Dear Mama Madison, I can't believe we're actually here, I'm actually writing this post, your belly is swelling bigger with every Instagram photo and every day ticks us one closer to the day little he or she arrives. I can't believe it because I'm so I'm terrible at hoping, so eager to protect myself, so always shocked by every sweetness, every joy, every pure delight God gives us. I have felt guilt about this before, about my weak faith and great fear, and I have looked ahead to parenthood counting all the ways I'll mess up because of it and because of other things I wish I didn't do. I won't believe enough. I won't say the right thing. I'll hurt my kid in a way that he never forgets and I'll regret it and it will be horrible. But then this thought comes to me that I hope comes to you: I will never be a perfect parent; you will never be a perfect parent; there is only One Perfect Parent and He not only parents us, but He'll parent our little ones, too. We don't have to get it all … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Heart Cakes with Homemade Chocolate Shell

valentines heart cakes with homemade chocolate shell topping

You dislike gimmicks. Gimmicks are not your thing. The first Valentine's Day we spent together, we argued about this, because while most of the world knows that February 14 is just another day, to the woman you ended up marrying, it could potentially be an indicator of whether or not the two of us were in love. So here you are, four years later, having spent your past several Valentine's Days doing things like surprising me with chocolate-covered strawberries and helping me sew felt hearts on our outfits and baking heart-shaped pizzas late at night. Last year, you cooked me a homemade dinner of coq au riesling you found on my Pinterest board, alongside salads topped with heart-shaped beets and our first-ever einkorn cream puffs. You are good to me. Tonight, at a time when finances feel tight and my pregnant personality makes me break down crying when I am either happy or sad, you told me you cashed some random savings bonds to take me on a road trip, yet another thing I don't deserve. … [Read more...]