Potato Fritters with Roasted Zucchini, Cucumber Corn Salad & Cumin Dill Yogurt Sauce

potato fritters with csa vegetables

I've fallen into the habit this summer of roasting whatever vegetables we have on hand for dinner, usually with just coconut oil, salt and pepper, sometimes with one or two other spices from the cabinet added in, and then arranging them all on a plate like they're fancy. These potato fritters are a perfect example of that. At first glance, they seem elaborate, but when you get down to it, they're really just local vegetables arranged and barely adorned in a new way. There have been times in my life where I've thought that arranging a plate---or picking out an outfit or cleaning the sink or organizing a bookshelf---is a shallow, silly, empty thing to do. It's not reading a book. It's not deep discussion. It's nothing cerebral or heady or life-changing in and of itself. Nobody looks back at the end of her life and says I wish I'd made more dinners prettier. And yet somewhere in my soul I think I've always also known that you can't argue with the way it hits you when someone … [Read more...]

Peach and Corn Salad with Fresh Mint and Lime

salad ingredients

If you asked the average Joe today what he thinks about salad, ten to one he says something about “healthy.” I’m a 1980s baby, a Millennial, a product of the decade marked by thick shoulder pads and Jell-O Pudding Pops commercials with smiling Bill Cosby on the screen, and what I remember most about the salads in my childhood is that there weren’t many. My school cafeteria had Pizza Day and Hot Dog Day, and, by the time I was a senior, when I was the one running to Aldi to grab the cheapest versions of buns and chips and candy bars for us to resell, I was never picking up greens or vegetables or even fruit. (Who would buy them, especially when they could get a giant Coke for less?) Besides that, salads were rabbit food---crunchy and raw, the sort of thing you needed to chomp at before you could swallow---and they couldn’t fill you up like the burgers we made on grill day or the bread-heavy pizzas each week, right? You’d eat salad if you were dieting. Or maybe if they went with your … [Read more...]

always a right time

Take me to the country, where farms and fields hug the highways and roadside stands sell 14 EARS OF SWEET CORN for $4 total, and I am powerless to resist it all. It won't matter that I have no idea what to do with the corn, for example. It won't matter that I am one person and 14 ears of corn are, well, an awfully large amount of corn for one person. I will take them, hug them in a green plastic bag, set them in the back seat while we go antiquing in a sleepy town named Sandwich and to a little diner that sells chicken fries and mini hamburgers. And I'll keep telling you things like, This is fresh sweet corn! The kind where I can look at the field it grew in! Straight from the farm! And you'll know I am a happy girl. … [Read more...]