Gingered Pear Einkorn Coffee Cake with Streusel Topping

ginger pear coffee cake with streusel topping-3

Dear Mama Madison, I can't believe we're actually here, I'm actually writing this post, your belly is swelling bigger with every Instagram photo and every day ticks us one closer to the day little he or she arrives. I can't believe it because I'm so I'm terrible at hoping, so eager to protect myself, so always shocked by every sweetness, every joy, every pure delight God gives us. I have felt guilt about this before, about my weak faith and great fear, and I have looked ahead to parenthood counting all the ways I'll mess up because of it and because of other things I wish I didn't do. I won't believe enough. I won't say the right thing. I'll hurt my kid in a way that he never forgets and I'll regret it and it will be horrible. But then this thought comes to me that I hope comes to you: I will never be a perfect parent; you will never be a perfect parent; there is only One Perfect Parent and He not only parents us, but He'll parent our little ones, too. We don't have to get it all … [Read more...]

Einkorn Spelt Homemade Graham Crackers + Little Gems USA (Giveaway)

homemade einkorn spelt graham crackers with molasses

My friend Leslie runs a Chicago-based jewelry business called LittleGemsUSA, from which 50 percent of all proceeds go straight to charity. Today it is our pure honor to feature that business here, alongside a recipe for the homemade graham crackers I am obsessed with, and accompanied by a giveaway for the sweet little bracelet I'm wearing in the pictures. I love Leslie and I love what she's doing, so it was my idea that she do an interview/giveaway (UPDATE: congratulations, Katrina!) here. When she sent me the answers to her questions, I cried, because, in case you're wondering, she actually is as kind and humble as she sounds. After the Q/A and photos below, you'll find more information about these graham crackers and more information about Leslie's business, including how to win the bracelet and you can go purchase jewelry that will support women and children in need. This is one of those posts that I feel really proud of and thankful for, so please do scroll all the way to the … [Read more...]

Blueberry Peach Crisp from Vibrant Food

peach berry crisp /

It happens to me every year. Sometime about the end of June, when our CSA is in full swing and the daylight’s stretching past 8 p.m., I marvel at the sweetness of the season around me, so hot and bright and full. We open our fridge and it’s packed with greens. We go to the store and come home with pints of blueberries. Our coats are stuffed in the closet, far away from everyday thought, and our flip-flops are near the door, ready to be slipped on as we pop out for an afternoon walk or drive. I love summer in part because of treasures like these that it gives me: greater freedom, greater daytime, a rich color palette. But I love it most for the very fact that it is so clearly, undeniably being given to me, not being earned or created on my own. Whether or not I think about the seasons, whether or not I remember that April or May in Nashville usually means higher temps, the earth knows to switch, day by day, progressively to summer, just like it will know to switch, day by day, to fall … [Read more...]

6-Cup Grainfree Granola Sweetened with Sorghum Syrup

grain free granola

Saturday morning I met my old roommates for brunch at a newish place in 12 South, the three of us gathered around an enormous round table that had me leaning in to listen and talk. We’ve been doing these get-togethers sporadically over the last few years, one month a dinner at a new Lebanese place, another month a brunch at the fancy historic building in Rutledge Hill. One standout was the macaron-making party we held the month before Tim and I got married, a night in which Sara rocked my world by tilting her glass bowl while beating egg whites, a simple but fantastic strategy that has forever turned what, to me, was always a chore into what I now deem part miracle, at least. Between our work schedules and our social schedules and all kinds of random trips out of town, finding a day and time that works for the three of us to meet up always takes us a dozen or so emails back and forth. So when we finally are sitting down to eat, there’s been some space since our last meeting and … [Read more...]

Thin & Chewy Einkorn Spice Cookies

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When Tim and I came home from Maine, it was with three or four local publications in tow. Between the food festival, our hotel, and a few Portland kiosks, we'd managed to wind up carting around copies of The Portland Press Herald, Down East Magazine, Green & Healthy Maine, and, amongst some other pamphlets, information packets, and a city map, the source of today's recipe: Northeast Flavor Magazine. This was partly because people kept giving us the content and partly because I can't turn a glossy magazine or fresh newspaper down. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging, I'm not ashamed to say it, which is at least part of what's drawn me so deep into the blogging world, as well as why walking through Anthropologie is my idea of a good time. … [Read more...]

10 Things + Pumpkin Pie You Can Drink


A few notes from here in Nashville, here in this first week of October: 1 / An autumn that’s all big mums and our neighbors’ porches filled with pumpkins, right alongside bare feet and sundresses. 2 / A few blog updates, some obvious (design changes) and some not (new hosting). If anything seems wonky when you stop by this space, it probably relates to one of the things we’ve changed, and we probably don’t know—so please tell us. 3 / A a new library book I’ve been waiting for, an interview with its author (posted here) and my favorite quote from that interview: “My description of this room will differ from your description of this room will differ from everybody else’s description of this room because we are limited and graced by our own pair of eyes, the things that we notice in the foreground versus the background—That’s the beauty of creative work.” 4 / A good chunk of time thinking about this story, especially because of one line about always wanting everyone to … [Read more...]