Crispy Roasted Turmeric Potatoes

crispy roasted turmeric potatoes-5

Something about hospitals always leaves me craving green juice and salads and reading articles about foods with the most nutrients, so, after a chunk of days hanging in heart hospital rooms, maybe that's why I've been all about the turmeric powder lately: turmeric tea, turmeric chicken, turmeric added to the smoothies we make as fast meals. Turmeric, in my mind, equals anti-inflammatory, and anti-inflammatory equals good for fighting everything from cancer to heart disease to auto-immune conditions. It's the curcumin, the thing in turmeric that makes it yellow, that is said to make it so powerful for digestion, immunity, joints, cholesterol and more. (The curcumin also makes turmeric a great natural yellow food coloring, albeit with a slightly bitter taste, which is why we used it in some tricolor Christmas cookies a few years ago.) Basically, I'm telling you I'm jazzed about turmeric, particularly in these crispy golden turmeric potatoes, even as I'm thinking about loved ones who are … [Read more...]

Green Healing Soup

green healing power soup

Tim and I were both a little under the weather this past week, something I always forget how much I hate until it happens. This was the first time we've ever had colds together, at least anything that didn't go away in a day, and whether it was holiday traveling, my weaker pregnant immune system or just a trickier virus that caused it, we've been using every natural remedy possible to knock it out fast. Case in point: this green-loaded, hearty, healing puréed soup. When Tim first told me everything that was going into it, I braced myself for the kind of soup I'd have to hold my nose to eat (kind of like this crazy powerful immunity booster that, yes, I also took sometime on Tuesday), so when I sipped the first bite and met instead ginger, cumin and a slight kick of heat, I was thrilled. We had it for dinner several nights in a row until the entire pot was gone, and then today we whipped up a fresh batch so I could share it with you. Hey, Hey, PS! If you're going to be in … [Read more...]

They Say That Love Shows in the Gestures / Portabella Zucchini Tacos


They say that love shows in the gestures-- A dash to the airport, a big diamond ring; They say that this is what's romance-- All that glitters, All that sparkles, All that's bright and glossy, (You know, those sorts of things). True, you proposed: it was poetry, All of your neat lines of verse, for me, arranged. You made me a picnic and hid it, A cooler packed with food and a ring, Then you asked me, And I said yes, and remember? Right there, how everything changed? It's true, life is beautiful, (We are happy, We are together, And free.) But, also true, life is painful, And we've walked through dark times just the same. What of the times pacing the halls? The nights of long talks? The physical pain, The wounded hearts, The disappointments, The crying out, over and over, To God's name? It makes me think it's love in the small and the hard things, (Maybe the small and the hard things the most). The dishes, the laundry, The trash, … [Read more...]

Cajun Salmon & Garlic Parsley Mashed Potatoes

If you had stepped into our kitchen at around 4 p.m. a few Wednesday afternoons ago, you would have seen our side door, the one that exits to the driveway and our upstairs neighbor’s black iron stairs, flung wide open. You would have seen smoke wafting from the stove through that door, intermingling with the 50-some-degree weather and bright blue skies of Nashville February. And you would have smelled the sea, not the dreamy, refreshing scent of ocean tides, but the pungent, unfortunate odor of smelly, gamey raw fish. Tim and I were testing a recipe. The idea of fish for dinner is nothing new in my family. My parents eat it once a week, at least. When we take my dad to restaurants, he looks for fish on the menu and asks the waiter, looking the guy in the eye and flashing a smile, if the chef might be able to blacken the salmon? And if you really could do that, boy, that would be great. While it’s true I didn't grow up sharing my parents' love of fish---nor their ability to treat … [Read more...]

Spicy Sweet Potato Quesadillas

A few Saturdays ago, wearing red lipstick and riding boots, I took a free Mexican cooking class with my old Nashville roommates, Sara and Sarah. We met in a bright, sunny space dubbed the grocery store’s “community room,” where the tall ceiling stretched as high as a church building’s and the kitchen featured two portable stoves. While Sara asked questions and Sarah sipped iced coffee with sunglasses perched atop her head, all three of us leaned forward from our third row seats to get closer looks as a man named Michael flashed through a handful of demonstrations, beginning with tortilla soup and ending with fried avocados on sticks. Michael, who looked a little like a stoic Ron Howard, gave constant tips and tricks to our little, informal group of around 16 as he worked. He explained how to chop an onion (sort of like this), why he likes polenta as a soup thickener (the flavor), when to add spices (to oil, before liquid, as most are fat-soluble). When he completed a dish, we … [Read more...]