Blueberry Peach Crisp from Vibrant Food

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It happens to me every year. Sometime about the end of June, when our CSA is in full swing and the daylight’s stretching past 8 p.m., I marvel at the sweetness of the season around me, so hot and bright and full. We open our fridge and it’s packed with greens. We go to the store and come home with pints of blueberries. Our coats are stuffed in the closet, far away from everyday thought, and our flip-flops are near the door, ready to be slipped on as we pop out for an afternoon walk or drive. I love summer in part because of treasures like these that it gives me: greater freedom, greater daytime, a rich color palette. But I love it most for the very fact that it is so clearly, undeniably being given to me, not being earned or created on my own. Whether or not I think about the seasons, whether or not I remember that April or May in Nashville usually means higher temps, the earth knows to switch, day by day, progressively to summer, just like it will know to switch, day by day, to fall … [Read more...]

Rosewater Cardamom Lassi


The first time Tim took me to Indian food was the first time I liked Indian food. It was also the first time I ordered a lassi. I am half Indian, my dad grew up in southern India, and my Italian-German-Danish mom taught herself to make a mean curry, but I wasn't on Team International Eating until well into my adult years. By the time I'd met and married Tim, I liked plenty of different cuisines, just not Indian, so on our one-month wedding anniversary, we decided to celebrate by doing something to change that. We went to Nashville's Sitar and ordered Tim's favorites: butter chicken and garlic naan. Turns out pillowy herbed dough heady with garlic, alongside creamy, tender chicken, is not a hard sell. I was in. Mostly though, there was that sweetened yogurt drink that had caught my eye on the menu and accompanied my meal. Served over ice in a tall glass, it was sweet, just barely, and flavored with rosewater---it was also the most wonderful offering I'd ever sipped through a straw. I've … [Read more...]

Hot (!) Spiced Milk

I started making this milk within the last few weeks, inspired by the tumeric milk posted over at the beautiful Journey Kitchen. Similar to a hot chocolate my friend Carrie makes (milk + cocoa powder + sweetener + heat = bam!), it's nothing complicated or confusing. It's hot and soothing---pure comfort when paired with a big down comforter and some online TV, especially when it's as cold as it has been around here lately. And, because of the powerful spices, spiced milk is actually really beneficial for your health, too: First, there's tumeric, the bright yellow spice that colors mustard and flavors curry. Commonly used in both Chinese and Indian ancient systems of medicine, tumeric is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory spices out there, the same ingredient I heard physicians wax eloquent about at a CCFA symposium I attended with my friend Alicia a few years ago. Because inflammation is connected to so many physical ailments, from Crohn's to eczema to heart disease, … [Read more...]