Erin’s Veggie Burgers

erin alderson's chickpea veggie burgers

Blogging gives lots of gifts, but the opportunities to connect with souls you may have never met otherwise has got to be my favorite--and a perfect example of that would be the very lovely Erin Alderson from Naturally Ella. I can't talk about Erin without gushing because she is at once an incredibly talented recipe developer/photographer and a genuinely kind and thoughtful person that Tim and I are blessed to have sat down with in offline life. Like me, she's originally from Illinois but now lives somewhere totally different (in her case, California!) because of love. She is also, insert squeal here, 36 weeks pregnant right now (!!), soon to deliver her first child, a boy, and so today a bunch of bloggers are celebrating her in a virtual baby shower filled with easy vegetarian meals (all the shower/recipe links are at the bottom, just before the recipe break). For our contribution, we're bringing these burgers, which are Erin's original recipe, taken from her recently released new … [Read more...]

Avocado Fries + Yogurt Sauce


Two days into our honeymoon, Tim and I are eating lunch at a taco hut near our condo, a whitewashed building where the windows are always open and the ceiling fans are always moving, and the hot Hawaiian breezes blow in and out leisurely, matching the pace of the island where we’re staying, palm tree branches rustling in the wind. On the porch in front, there’s a cardboard box set up on a bar stool with a sign that reads, “$0.25 each” and which holds a dozen or so avocados, each of them half the size of Tim’s head, and there’s no one around to collect payments, just a large glass jar, so after looking at each other in disbelief, still amazed that we’re in Kauai, let alone that we’re paying 1/8 of what we’d pay for avocados in the states, we grab a handful of dark green, alligator-skinned fruits, leave our money and go. As far as foods go, avocados are the closest thing I know to magic, and not just when you're eating them on your honeymoon. They’re cool and creamy, filling, … [Read more...]