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  • Brad’s Asparagus


    I’ve been craving beauty since the day I was born. There are weeks, like this one, where the hunger is deeper and greater than others, where the longing is more acute and harder to ignore, but it’s always been there. I want sunsets and thriving gardens and people who are open-handed with what they own. […]

  • side dish
  • for the second time

    The first time I made an asparagus salad, it was with walnuts and dates and pecorino cheese. My friend Jackie was over, and we were trying a new recipe. And because Jackie’s always been a good sport about trying new things, including but not limited to kale chips, roasted broccoli, blackened salmon (which sadly, I […]

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  • trust me on this

    As far as vegetables go, asparagus is really something: tall, peaked in pretty tips, stalks cast in deep shades of green, with knobby dark-purple bumps along the sides shaped in tiny triangles. It has no fat or cholesterol, few calories, little sodium, as well as lots of potassium, folic acid, vitamins A & C and […]