Simple Summer Tomato Cucumber Salad

food loves writing cucumber tomato salad

Summer 2014 will go down in my mental history books as the summer when: Tim and I drove a friend's beat-up truck to East Nashville so we could load my old roommate's queen-sized mattress and box spring, strap it in as best we could with ropes and gravity, then truck it back down the highway like those crazy people you never want to wind up stuck behind, praying it wouldn't fly off. It will be the summer both my old roommates moved away. The summer of days so hot, sweat layers on sweat. The summer I did things like look up the owner of a property on public records, cyber-stalk him and email a "Hey, have you thought about selling your place?" The summer of sweet old ladies like Edna, whom we met this week, who lived in her house for 50+ years and whose husband worked on airplanes and who is only trying to move now because he died last year. The day after I met her, I sat at Provence with my work buddies, thinking about people who can't get out to coffee shops in the middle of the day, … [Read more...]

How to Make Perpetual Beef Bone Broth + Pot Roasty Kale Onion Soup


If someone had told me there were a way to spend $10 to $20 and get (rich, flavorful) dinners for an entire week, I'd probably have imagined some sort of magic with rice and beans. But, speaking from day five of soups for dinner, I can tell you there's another option---one that is crazy high in easy-to-absorb calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous, as well as healing for our bones, teeth, and guts: perpetual bone broth. As I mentioned in the last post, Tim and I left Little Seed Farm last week with more than good memories. James and Eileen had sent us home with a bag of grass-fed beef bones, too, and so first thing Saturday morning I set them on the stove to cook. Making homemade beef broth truly is as simple as the phrase "set them on the stove to cook," because all it involves, literally, is placing a pot on the stove (or turning on a crockpot), inserting bones, covering them with filtered water, adding a little apple cider vinegar if you like (to pull out minerals), and adding … [Read more...]