If we were sitting down for coffee and you were asking us how we eat, we’d probably say something about real food. What we mean by that is we eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, with ancient grains (often soaked, sprouted or sourdough), raw dairy, pastured meats, and unrefined sugars mixed in alongside. We also don’t eat pork or shellfish.

We don’t eat this way because we’re elitist but because we genuinely believe it’s best for our overall well-being. We feel better and think better when we know what we’re eating and how it’s been made. What Tim always says is that we want to eat in a way that best helps us to love our families, work and serve others well. So while this blog is less about food and more about the lives that surround it, whole foods are the kinds of foods you’ll see.

For a longer version of why we eat this way, you could download our ebook, which, along with telling you how the blog started and how we met through it, tells Shanna’s story of changing her diet as a result. It’s not terribly specific, however, so if you have other questions or want to talk about digestive diseases or diet choices or something else, you’re always welcome to contact us.

(We’d rather talk about a dinner party; but for you, we’ll talk about whatever you like.)