• entree
  • Erin’s Veggie Burgers

    erin alderson's chickpea veggie burgers

    Blogging gives lots of gifts, but the opportunities to connect with souls you may have never met otherwise has got to be my favorite–and a perfect example of that would be the very lovely Erin Alderson from Naturally Ella. I can’t talk about Erin without gushing because she is at once an incredibly talented recipe […]

  • breakfast
  • Einkorn Rye Chocolate Chip Pancakes

    einkorn rye chocolate chip pancakes-2

    I woke up this morning wanting chocolate chip pancakes, so after Tim and I split an apple (fruit in the morning every morning!), these einkorn rye beauties, studded with melted chocolate throughout, were side by side with us at our computer screens. I went with rye because of the bag of rye flour in our […]

  • travel
  • Babymoon Getaway to Alpharetta, GA!

    spring in alpharetta ga

    From big-name shopping to luxurious, family-friendly outdoor spaces to on-point attention to detail everywhere you look, Alpharetta, Georgia wowed us from the moment we arrived. Here’s a look at our getaway to Alpharetta and all the things we loved about the gorgeous, inspired Tech City of the South, set just four hours south of Nashville. […]