Buckwheat Cheese Crackers with Rosemary

buckwheat cheddar rosemary crackers made in a food processor

We were at the store to pick up a cart's worth of water when I spotted it: a red box of those classic yellow cheese crackers in someone else's load. I haven't had cheese crackers like those in six years or more, but as soon as I saw them, just like that, I couldn't get the salty, cheesy taste of them off my mind. When we got home, it turned out we were out of all flours but buckwheat, but then I spotted this recipe online. And if you, like me, don't immediately think buckwheat when you think cheese cracker, let me tell you, this recipe could be the thing to make that change. These crackers are killer! Addictive and salty and easy to pop by the handful. I used Bob's Red Mill organic whole-grain buckwheat flour, which creates a darker, grayer look than some other brands, but the taste was, no question, such a perfect, nutty complement to the cheese, I am honestly shocked I've never had buckwheat and cheddar together before. I don't usually go posting new recipes within 24 hours of one … [Read more...]

Spicy Peanut Kale Bowls + Shoestring Sweet Potato Fries

spicy kale peanut bowls / food loves writing

Around here lately, while Tim has been replacing stair treads, putting up walls, painting the basement, swapping out bedroom doors and otherwise working on this house we're hoping to finish, I've been in charge of keeping us both fed. This is an unusual arrangement for us, me in the kitchen and him elsewhere, and it's made me realize how thankful I am to usually be working with him at the sink or stove, side by side. It's also made me realize, with not a little surprise and maybe terror, that I have a goooood appetite these days. People keep asking me if I'm having pregnancy cravings, and I guess I don't know. Can I blame the second trimester or should I just be real and admit I've always been a fan of Let's Try This New Recipe, which is much easier to make happen when it's just me alone at the fridge. If you're following along with us on Facebook, you're getting a regular diet of This Was a Good One posts, and I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am, because with the exception of a … [Read more...]

How to Make an All-Butter Pie Crust Perfect Every Time (Technique)

make a pie - step 12b - voila

One of the biggest surprises we had while we were working on the cookbook was regarding pie crust---and how hard the making of it can be to explain. Fact: There are lots of ways to make pie crust, many of them good. The technique that we use, however, is kind of special. It involves an all-butter, high-butter recipe that comes together in minutes, no chilling, and bakes light and flaky every time. You can do it with whole-grain spelt flour (as shown here) or with white spelt flour or with white or whole-grain einkorn flour (as in the book) or with all-purpose flour. This is my mom's technique. This is my grandma's technique. Since my mom let me stand over her shoulder in 2010 and watch her, step by step, it's been my technique. Since Tim and I started sharing a kitchen in 2011, it's become his technique, too. The problem is if you've ever made a pie crust another way, you have to force yourself to abandon all preconceptions and start from scratch to try this one---and also that … [Read more...]

Gingered Pear Einkorn Coffee Cake with Streusel Topping

ginger pear coffee cake with streusel topping-3

Dear Mama Madison, I can't believe we're actually here, I'm actually writing this post, your belly is swelling bigger with every Instagram photo and every day ticks us one closer to the day little he or she arrives. I can't believe it because I'm so I'm terrible at hoping, so eager to protect myself, so always shocked by every sweetness, every joy, every pure delight God gives us. I have felt guilt about this before, about my weak faith and great fear, and I have looked ahead to parenthood counting all the ways I'll mess up because of it and because of other things I wish I didn't do. I won't believe enough. I won't say the right thing. I'll hurt my kid in a way that he never forgets and I'll regret it and it will be horrible. But then this thought comes to me that I hope comes to you: I will never be a perfect parent; you will never be a perfect parent; there is only One Perfect Parent and He not only parents us, but He'll parent our little ones, too. We don't have to get it all … [Read more...]

Flash Giveaway: The Einkorn Cookbook


Hi guys. Just a quick post to say that we want to give away a signed copy of The Einkorn Cookbook to one of you here this Valentine's week. We're going to make it super simple and accept entries now through 11:59 PM CST on Saturday, February 14. CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. (UPDATE 2/15: The winner, per Random.org, is commenter #33 Felicia! Congratulations!) To enter: In keeping with the spirit of Valentine's Day, comment here naming something specific you like about someone you love. It doesn't need to be your significant other; it could be your mom or your roommate or your coworker or your nephew. Just name the person and what you like about them and do it by Saturday at midnight. We'll pick a random winner, update this post accordingly (Hooray, Felicia!) and mail out the book next week. For more information about The Einkorn Cookbook, visit this info page! To just go buy a copy of The Einkorn Cookbook instead, see the links at the right sidebar, beneath the book's … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Heart Cakes with Homemade Chocolate Shell

valentines heart cakes with homemade chocolate shell topping

You dislike gimmicks. Gimmicks are not your thing. The first Valentine's Day we spent together, we argued about this, because while most of the world knows that February 14 is just another day, to the woman you ended up marrying, it could potentially be an indicator of whether or not the two of us were in love. So here you are, four years later, having spent your past several Valentine's Days doing things like surprising me with chocolate-covered strawberries and helping me sew felt hearts on our outfits and baking heart-shaped pizzas late at night. Last year, you cooked me a homemade dinner of coq au riesling you found on my Pinterest board, alongside salads topped with heart-shaped beets and our first-ever einkorn cream puffs. You are good to me. Tonight, at a time when finances feel tight and my pregnant personality makes me break down crying when I am either happy or sad, you told me you cashed some random savings bonds to take me on a road trip, yet another thing I don't deserve. … [Read more...]

garlic ginger vegetarian tacos with sweet and spicy cabbage slaw

making ginger garlic vegetarian tacos

Recap of this past week: Monday morning we found out we're having a boy (!), Tuesday we found out my computer's hard drive might be broken (!), Wednesday we found out it was just the cable that goes to the hard drive (!) and today we found a fresh bin of organic fruits and vegetables delivered to our front door. That's life, isn't it, filled with surprises that delight us, discourage us and change our schedules sufficiently to remind us we're not in control, a theme I keep coming back to this year. Right now, I'm mostly feeling the blessing it is to get to see that I don't run the universe (or the way a day goes or even how happy and healthy this little guy inside me seems to be doing so far) as well as thankful for the miniature moments that surprise me in the midst of life, like a Wednesday warm enough to take off my jacket or the way nothing makes a girl feel richer than a table filled with fresh food to eat. The green bin came from the new-to-Nashville Green Bean Delivery … [Read more...]