Food Loves Writing Recipe Box and Shopping Lists


Hi guys. It’s time we talked about the skinny header at the top of our site. Have you seen it and wondered what it’s about? Here’s the deal: To help make it easier for you to save recipes and create accompanying shopping lists based on the food we post on this site, we’ve partnered with Ziplist to provide some cool new features on Food Loves Writing. You may now save recipes to your own personalized recipe box, for example, then pull ingredients from those recipes to place straight on your own custom shopping list. Easy easy! Plus, by setting up a (free!) account at Ziplist, you may also save recipes from some of the Web’s other best food sites online, like Bon Appetit, Epicurious, Deliciously Organic, Nutrition Stripped, Healthy Green Kitchen, Simply Recipes, The Faux Martha, Naturally Ella, and more.

Not only can you do all of this from your desktop computer, but also from your smartphone. In short, this is a new feature we’ve added to make your experience here a better one.

Here’s how it works:


From now on, all our recipes will feature two handy things: A “save recipe” button, pictured above, and a “print” button next to it. Clicking the “print” button allows you to print the recipe and only the recipe—no worries about wasting 10 pages of paper and ink printing the entire post and its photos. Also, clicking the “save recipe” button takes you to your Ziplist account and a place to store the recipe along with other favorites.


From within your Ziplist account, you may store your favorite recipes from around the Web and then, straight from your dashboard, click the “Add to List” button to pull their ingredients lists to your shopping list.

Shopping List

The shopping list organizes ingredients by category and is super user-friendly to navigate. That’s why we’re excited to be able to offer it here.

Last thing: This service by ZipList keeps growing and changing, so they welcome your feedback. We’d also love to hear what you think of the feature. Try the links above and see how it goes! What do you like? What seems strange? If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Hope you enjoy!