Writer Chats, Part IV: The Joy of Writing

Today we bring you part four of our Writer Chats series, from the lovely Felicia Lim of Dish by Dish. Felicia’s a long-time commenter here at the blog and, more than almost anyone I know, a picture of what it means to find joy in writing. A lot of writers start out with a joy like hers–at least I did—but, over time, after years of deadlines and uninspiring projects, that joy wanes. That’s why it’s refreshing to hear from a passionate, enthusiastic voice like hers here. 

Felicia Lim on the Joy of Writing

My first experiences with writing began with journals, both online and off, but it was really when I started blogging more than a decade ago that writing became such a part of me, I don’t think anyone could know me well if they did not read what I wrote.

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Writer Chats, Part II: Cures for Creative Roadblocks

We’re thrilled to share this second post in our Writer Chats series, which comes from the ever inspiring Nicole Gulotta. Nicole blogs at Eat This Poem and founded the food philanthropy site The Giving Table. This post, which deals with creative roadblocks, is excerpted from her most recent issue of the Right Brains Society newsletter, a splendid source of creative inspiration, if ever there were one. Learn more about and subscribe to her newsletter here.


If you find yourself sitting in front of a computer screen for long stretches of time, you’ll probably hit a wall. Even if you spent the last hour typing away and have something to show for it, you’ll eventually reach your limit or feel stuck, but it doesn’t mean your creativity is gone for good. Instead, it’s a gentle nudge telling you it’s time to take a break.

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Writer Chats, Part I: Keep Writing Instead

The following Sunday post is part of what we would love to turn into an ongoing series here at the blog, in which writers conversationally share about the ways they write. If reading this post gets your wheels turning about your own stories, let us know. Submissions are being accepted at WritingSeries [at] FoodLovesWriting [dot] com.


From time to time, people email me to ask for advice from a writer.

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