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  • In with the New: Greek Lemon Rice Soup

    greek lemon and rice soup : food loves writing

    Whether your New Year’s resolution is to eat more whole foods, cook more, meal plan, lower your grocery budget—or if you’ve made no resolutions or none that have to do with food—this simple, affordable, comforting Greek lemon rice soup, also known as avgolmeno, is a winner. Over the holidays, Tim and I spent a week […]

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  • Italian-Style Beans and Greens Soup

    an ALDI-inspired recipe that riffs on an Italian classic, uses mostly organic ingredients and costs under $10 to feed a family of four

    We’ve long liked ALDI for its cheap avocados and $0.33 winter grapefruit, but now there’s a growing number of organic options available, too. Recently tasked by ALDI and Bon Appetit to come up with a recipe that serves four for under $10 total (and adding our own personal challenge of sticking to mostly organic as […]

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  • Green Healing Soup

    green healing power soup

    Tim and I were both a little under the weather this past week, something I always forget how much I hate until it happens. This was the first time we’ve ever had colds together, at least anything that didn’t go away in a day, and whether it was holiday traveling, my weaker pregnant immune system […]

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  • French Lentil Soup with Spices and Chard

    shanna soup

    One post I’m telling you how our car didn’t have air-conditioning, and the next I’m making French lentil soup. It may seem counterintuitive, I know, but here we are in the hottest season of the year in America and Tim and I are still scooping ladles of this creamy, spicy mixture to our bowls. What […]