Writes and Reads 2013

Writes And Reads 2013


Here we are at the cusp of another new year, looking back at the 12 months we’re finishing as much as we look ahead to the 12 we’re about to begin. We’ve been given another year of life, and, with it, joy and sorrow, expected and unexpected, old and new. We’ve changed. That’s one of the things I’ve thought the most about as I’ve read through archives from 2013—how much my heart and head have been shaped and transformed through the things I’ve read and experienced this last year, how they’ll continue to change in what comes next. And in that spirit, here are some highlights of words we remember when we look back:

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News! and Call for Recipe Testers!

News! And Call For Recipe Testers!

Update, March 2014! We turned in the manuscript last month (hooray!) and so we’re no longer in need of recipe testers. Thank you all so much for your interest!

We are writing a cookbook, and writing that sentence is both humbling and shocking because it doesn’t feel real. We are writing a cookbook. (!!) We are people who delight in food, just like most of you are probably people who delight in food, but truthfully the idea of publishing a cookbook was not something we had planned. As you know, this has been 2013: The Year of House Hunting! And sometimes, 2013: The Year of Unexpected Travel! It’s been a year of enormous gifts and real disappointments. It’s been a year of settling into marriage, feeling more comfortable in it, then looking at each other and thinking, Hey, can this sweet life be real!? When the opportunity to pitch a cookbook came our way, like so many other providences before it, from a Hawaii honeymoon to a place to live, we didn’t quite believe it. In fact, despite the fact that we’ve known about this project since September (!!), it’s felt so unbelievable, we haven’t said anything about it here until now. We are not impressive people, I promise you, so despite all the temptation in my heart to let you think we’re getting this opportunity because we’re awesome, it’s just not true. What is true is that we are full of mistakes and failures and misunderstandings, and yet here we are, learning and growing and getting to do something we don’t deserve. It’s such a gift, a grace upon grace, such an opportunity to be stretched and to see how much we have to learn. And right now, as we are almost halfway into our deadlines, as we are eating our weight in einkorn and feeling like we’re ready for a vacation, I need to type this all out here, if only to remind myself. We are writing a cookbook! And now here, for you guys, is the full scoop:

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a someday world with no more pain

I heard about the marathon bombings on Twitter. I hear about most everything on Twitter. I had been cleaning the house, vacuuming under chairs, tidying up stacks of papers, when I checked in at the computer. Then, there I was, along with much of America, sitting, glued to the screen, Googling for more information, clicking over to the Facebook page of a running friend who’d flown out with her family for the event (and later rejoicing that she was okay). I hate hearing about tragedies like bombings almost as much as I find I can’t pull myself away from the stories once they come in. Who would do this? Why? Who was hurt? And then: Oh, God. A child died. Another lost a limb. And in Boston.


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