one month in


Yesterday at the doctor's office, Rocco weighed a little over nine pounds. Nine pounds! Nine pounds might not seem like a lot, especially to my friend Jenna, whose baby came out two weeks after Rocco already weighing more than he does now, but, for a little guy who left the hospital one month ago today (!) only weighing 5 pounds, 13 ounces, nine pounds sounds pretty incredible. And, to a mama who's already logged thousands of nursing minutes into an iPad app that led to those nine pounds, it sounds like some kind of small victory at the least. He's growing! We're doing this! And wait, what were we talking about? Is that the baby crying? This brain is so stuffed with a new body of information on sleep schedules and developmental milestones and perfecting a baby's latch that it tends to shut down on me, without warning, mid-thought. This first month with Rocco has been... new. Everything's new. Like I mentioned in the last post, my labor and delivery were pretty difficult, so … [Read more...]

HE’S HERE \\ Meet Rocco Timothy


One week ago today I was already days into labor, breathing through contractions at our house, believing any minute our baby would arrive. In fact, Rocco Timothy came into the world hours after that, Saturday, June 27, at 7:35 p.m., a little nugget not quite six-and-a-half pounds, with a full head of hair, adorable lips and the longest newborn fingers and toes. Everyone says he looks like Tim, which is a compliment to both of them if you're asking me, and, from the moment we met him, he has stolen our hearts away with his tiny features, accidental smiles and kissable baby cheeks. I have so much I could post here about the labor and delivery that it took to get him here, but I don't know if this site is really the right place for that, so I will just say it was long and it was beautiful, although maybe not in the ways I expected, and that all the fears and research and preparation I had in expectation for the experience couldn't have told me what I most needed to know: that when it … [Read more...]

Notes on a Final Month of Pregnancy + A Peek at Baby’s Gray and White Nursery

neutral nursery

Our due date is less than four weeks away and the chances of going into labor much shorter than that. The nursery is ready---or ready enough, at least, with little clothes washed and folded and little diapers sitting on the changing table and a little bassinet filled with cozy blankets ready for our boy. The downstairs freezer has a dozen meals ready to be thawed and dumped in a crockpot. There's a suitcase packed and ready in our room. We're having a baby, this is really happening, and with every wild kick and extra stretch of belly, I believe it more and more. I have had so many emotions in pregnancy, so many feelings, sometimes I've been afraid to let myself think about them. There are always temptations to fear and worry in life, about income and about health and about relationships and about all the unknowns, and pregnancy sort of ups all those possibilities a little bit. Suddenly you're responsible for another human being, one that's not only yours and growing inside of you but … [Read more...]

Christmas Cranberry Cinnamon Rolls + Some News


Sometime in early October, on a day when our driveway was getting torn up for plumbing issues, I had just come back from a trip to Chicago and Tim and I were in the throes of heavy budget talks, we got some life-changing, almost unbelievable, genuinely good news that has been hard to keep from you until now: We're having a baby. We who, this February, grieved the loss of a little one sat, two weeks ago, in my midwife's office, hearing this baby's heartbeat, loud and strong like horses galloping so fast, I cried with joy and relief. I'm 13 weeks along, I have the tiniest bump under my shirt, I now own two pairs of maternity pants and we have an organic baby rattle from Uncle Adam sitting on the desk in our office. We feel so grateful and amazed and maybe still a little in disbelief. 2014 has been a year of much stretching and growing and grieving and being comforted, and we have our hands open to receive whatever and however God gives next. We don't think a baby is the greatest … [Read more...]

What Living in a Renovation Is Like

living in a kitchen renovation

It's last Thursday morning. I wake up and reach for my iPhone to see what time it is. I put on my glasses, pull back my sheets, say to Tim, “It’s 7:15,” and step onto the light oak wood floors we spent at least three days of our life sanding and vacuuming and sanding and vacuuming and sealing and waiting and sealing and waiting and sealing again. Every time I look at these floors, I will think of the night I crouched, hand and knees to the ground, pushing a hand sander in circles around the edges of the office/guest bedroom, trying to rough up the sections that the floor sander missed. Some of Tim’s buddies came over that night, to help us paint and sand and, when they walked by the room, where I crouched and pushed my vibrating hands, I eye-smiled to say hi without stopping, a dust mask covering my mouth. These floors, original hardwoods, were orangey when we bought them, finished with that classic finish I guess everybody was using in 1964. Now they are somewhere between white and … [Read more...]

our first house.


Friday afternoon, a few hours after that last post published, Tim and I sat in a real estate office south of Nashville with our agent, a closing agent and a stack of paperwork, doing something we've never done together or apart: we closed on our first house. We first found it exactly a month ago today, just two days after that post about our house hunt published last month. Tim and I were rushing around that morning, about to leave for Ohio for the weekend to see family, but we'd emailed our agent (shout-out to Josh! we love him!) about a few new places we wanted to see, and bless his heart because he showed us at least 20 houses this summer, he worked out a way to see two of them. The first house was as gorgeous as a design magazine, but it was also in a flood plain, and there were 101 reasons why we shouldn't have made an offer. The second house, though, had just had its priced lowered and it was also, go figure, on the exact same street as the one we almost bought last year. … [Read more...]

Because Cooking’s Like Love (ebook excerpt)


When I was in grad school, I had this friend Nealy. Nealy had already been a reporter and editor, and when we workshopped stories, she gave better feedback than most of the class. She started a book club I joined. She offered feedback on stories even after school stopped. Seven years later (!!) she now lives in Virginia Beach, where she, like me, works as a copywriter. Tuesday, while she was here in town for a conference, we met at her fancy new hotel downtown and when the talk turned to ebooks (she's written several!), I heard myself saying that I hadn't been able to read Written Together since the first day it published in 2012. So tonight, for Nealy and for me, I faced my perfectionism and fear and am now sharing chapter 1 with you here, alongside some never-before-blogged photos just to make it more fun. Should you want to keep reading, the e-version is still available on Amazon. It started with an email. Tim shot me an unassuming note, wondering if I’d heard of a book he … [Read more...]