The Moments That Make Up Our Days | A Monthly Photo Essay (July)

This morning, I tried to wake Tim up at 6:30 AM; instead, we both ended up sleeping until almost 9. I can’t say I’m sorry. I will say, however, that the magnetic force that pulls you back towards the covers is the very same force that tells you to leave the camera on the shelf and, accordingly, that today’s photo-every-hour project almost didn’t happen. Looking back on these images now, though, I’m glad it did. I’m also glad for the many gifts—graces—this project represents (more on those graces Friday). I keep thinking lately that all of us, everywhere, are constantly being given graces, morning by morning, comforts we didn’t cause. I wish we paid attention to them.

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// 8:30 AM: Who of us has ever helped the sun come up? And yet, each morning, there it is, again.   //

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The Moments That Make Up Our Days | A Monthly Photo Essay (June)

The first thing I thought when I woke up this morning was that it was June 10, the day for Ten on Ten. The next thing I thought was that I’d like to go back to sleep. Our house is as cold as winter in the mornings, even in June. In the end, both ideas won me over, although, as you’ll see below, the first one took much more discipline than the last. Enjoy the June edition of a photo every hour of the day—which, admittedly, turns out to be more like Twelve on Ten—we’ll be back with a fresh recipe post in the morning, but for now, here’s a photo-focused peek inside our day.

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// 7 O’Clock: The best part of mornings is the light. //

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The Moments That Make Up Our Days | A Photo Essay

We interrupt this regularly quiet Friday night to share ten moments from the day today. (If you’re looking for a recipe, might I direct you to this morning’s Brussels sprouts salad post?) My friend Sarah participated in this photo project two months ago, and, since I’m a sucker for documentation exercises of any kind (365 Photos? A Day in the Life? A Line-a-Day Journal [doing it now]?), I promptly set up a phone reminder to join in. Launched by blogger Rebekah Gough, this project involves taking photos of ten moments, one an hour, on the tenth day of each month. Other than some short descriptions, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. You guys. There are so many moments that make up our days.


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