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  • Rosewater Cardamom Lassi


    The first time Tim took me to Indian food was the first time I liked Indian food. It was also the first time I ordered a lassi. I am half Indian, my dad grew up in southern India, and my Italian-German-Danish mom taught herself to make a mean curry, but I wasn’t on Team International […]

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  • 10 Things + Pumpkin Pie You Can Drink


    A few notes from here in Nashville, here in this first week of October: 1 / An autumn that’s all big mums and our neighbors’ porches filled with pumpkins, right alongside bare feet and sundresses. 2 / A few blog updates, some obvious (design changes) and some not (new hosting). If anything seems wonky when […]

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  • How to Make Homemade Almond Milk

    Today’s post features one of those ideas that, before you try it, sounds crazy and needless and hard; but that, after you try it, becomes brilliant and easy and so simple, you can’t believe you waited so long to give it a go. Tim and I have learned how to make homemade almond milk recently […]

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  • Thoughts on Three Days of Juice Fasting

    For a person who is regularly bemoaning the complexities of adult life, a three-day juice fast provides a wonderful simplicity. When you remove the daily tasks of buying, storing, preparing, eating and cleaning up after meals, you find yourself with this new and unusual void of time—and in it, a surprising clarity about the rest […]