Orange Ginger Sunshine Smoothie

orange ginger sunshine smoothie

When I first met the man who would become my husband, back in 2010, he was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and had kind eyes and I decided within a few short hours that I liked him very much. He drank raw milk and talked openly about the mom he'd lost and never seemed like he was trying to sell himself to me, not once. As soon as I knew I liked him, I wanted him to like me, obviously, since that's the way we humans work (although honestly I have fought years of wanting even the people I don't like to like me, because that's how the little gods of approval and affirmation keep you in their hooks). Getting him to like me meant, subconsciously, not revealing too much about how I liked him and testing him out and being careful how much I shared, always thinking about how he was seeing me and why. Looking back, I guess I was crafting a version of myself, at least on some level, the way blogs and Facebook profiles and short interactions can let us craft versions of ourselves for all the people … [Read more...]

Homemade Hot Chocolate


Special thanks to Yahoo! for sponsoring this post! Happy December! Today is the day The Einkorn Cookbook officially releases, so if you haven't ordered your copy yet, now would be a great time to do so---go ahead, I'll wait---and once you've got a copy in your hands this winter season, why not cuddle up with it alongside a glass of homemade hot chocolate? It's a myth that making homemade hot chocolate has to take longer and/or be more involved than making the packaged kind that comes in a box. Have you believed this? Don't. To put together your own, real-foods, deliciously rich and creamy hot chocolate, here are the pantry staples that you need: milk (raw milk or coconut milk are our favorites), cocoa powder and a sweetener (honey or maple syrup work great). You mix the three of them together, proportions according to your tastes, and have a hot, chocolatey beverage ready in 10 minutes or less. In today's version, I added a bit of cayenne pepper and a dash of salt, but those … [Read more...]

Rooibos Maple Honeybush Affogato


I am writing this post from our bedroom, sitting cross-legged on the white bedspread, the white noise of our air-conditioning loud enough on this warm April Monday to have me wondering why it’s belting out so fiercely and also if I’ve missed the sound of the oven timer going off. I just got up to check—both the air-conditioning and the oven—and turned the air-conditioning off and pulled a tray of near-burned oatmeal cookies from the oven. This activity is sort of a microcosm of my entire life, maybe yours too, this making of messes and then cleaning them up. I mean, from the moment I get up (make the bed!) to the projects throughout the day (Workout; pile sweaty clothes that smell like elephants into the hamper. Do laundry; dump it onto the bed to fold. Prepare dinner; now wash the dishes. Get an assignment; untangle the documents and instructions into something that makes sense). Chaos, order, chaos, order. When Tim’s family was in town visiting a few weeks ago, I told my … [Read more...]

Blueberry Pomegranate Chia Fresca


I'm writing this post in the early-morning hours. Tim's still asleep. The neighbor across the street just walked to the driveway in his boxer shorts to pick up the paper, and streaks of sunlight are criss-crossing over our front yard that's filled with last year's dead grass and this year's beginnings. Life is sprouting up through death, outside our home and in it, and I'm thankful for that today. I woke up naturally in the 5 o'clock hour, not for any particular reason, but nonetheless with a burning desire to make homemade ricotta, inspired by a salad we ate in Memphis last Saturday, and so now the ricotta's draining on the counter, I've spent some time reading, and I'm coming over here to tell you about two important things: 1) If you like chia, you'll like the new book Superfoods for Life, Chia: - Boost Stamina - Aid Weight Loss - Improve Digestion - 75 Recipes. Full disclosure it comes from the same publisher working on our einkorn cookbook and we got a review copy a few weeks ago, … [Read more...]

Ginger Lavender Tonic


Special treat today: post from Tim. This ginger lavender tonic feels like such a summer drink---but hey, the days are yo-yoing around here, summer one day, winter the next. It feels like a giant tease to get a breezy and sunny 68-degree day one week and then a frigid 20s chiller the next. We are floating on the breeze and shaking in the cold. Sometimes, in thinking of warm days, we eat summer food and drink summer drinks, in hopes that it will bring those days nearer. It really works, too, at least in our minds, so I think we should keep allowing ourselves to long for and hope for different seasons with what we eat, or at least reminding ourselves of them every now and again. Our hopes and fears feel like this, too. They swell and fade on the waves of changing circumstances and situations, leaving us tied to the tides. We're pushed and pulled by disappointments and frustrations, longing for sweeter days. We're carried about by the affairs of this life. Some seasons it feels … [Read more...]