Crispy Roasted Turmeric Potatoes

crispy roasted turmeric potatoes-5

Something about hospitals always leaves me craving green juice and salads and reading articles about foods with the most nutrients, so, after a chunk of days hanging in heart hospital rooms, maybe that's why I've been all about the turmeric powder lately: turmeric tea, turmeric chicken, turmeric added to the smoothies we make as fast meals. Turmeric, in my mind, equals anti-inflammatory, and anti-inflammatory equals good for fighting everything from cancer to heart disease to auto-immune conditions. It's the curcumin, the thing in turmeric that makes it yellow, that is said to make it so powerful for digestion, immunity, joints, cholesterol and more. (The curcumin also makes turmeric a great natural yellow food coloring, albeit with a slightly bitter taste, which is why we used it in some tricolor Christmas cookies a few years ago.) Basically, I'm telling you I'm jazzed about turmeric, particularly in these crispy golden turmeric potatoes, even as I'm thinking about loved ones who are … [Read more...]

Green Healing Soup

green healing power soup

Tim and I were both a little under the weather this past week, something I always forget how much I hate until it happens. This was the first time we've ever had colds together, at least anything that didn't go away in a day, and whether it was holiday traveling, my weaker pregnant immune system or just a trickier virus that caused it, we've been using every natural remedy possible to knock it out fast. Case in point: this green-loaded, hearty, healing puréed soup. When Tim first told me everything that was going into it, I braced myself for the kind of soup I'd have to hold my nose to eat (kind of like this crazy powerful immunity booster that, yes, I also took sometime on Tuesday), so when I sipped the first bite and met instead ginger, cumin and a slight kick of heat, I was thrilled. We had it for dinner several nights in a row until the entire pot was gone, and then today we whipped up a fresh batch so I could share it with you. Hey, Hey, PS! If you're going to be in … [Read more...]

Classic Einkorn Chocolate Chip Cookies


I know today is the first of the year and the time for resolutions and healthy recipe searches, but while we were in Ohio last week, Tim got talking about some chocolate chip cookies his mom used to make, crisp around the edges and soft on the inside. It turned out his sister, Gina, had his mom's original recipe book on hand, one of those spiral-bound church club versions where Myrtle shares her meatloaf and Veera provides her famous recipe for banana cream pie. That's how I found out the cookies from Tim's memories came from the kitchen of one Marcia Maki and were marked with a handwritten "very good" in his mom's red pen. I love when people write in their cookbooks, almost as much as I love the way that food lets us remember people who cooked for us once they're gone. It's a way of making a cookbook more personal, more your own. It's also a great reference for posterity 20 or 30 years down the line, when they want to know if Mom liked the cherry pie and see a big "NO" written on … [Read more...]

Christmas Cranberry Cinnamon Rolls + Some News


Sometime in early October, on a day when our driveway was getting torn up for plumbing issues, I had just come back from a trip to Chicago and Tim and I were in the throes of heavy budget talks, we got some life-changing, almost unbelievable, genuinely good news that has been hard to keep from you until now: We're having a baby. We who, this February, grieved the loss of a little one sat, two weeks ago, in my midwife's office, hearing this baby's heartbeat, loud and strong like horses galloping so fast, I cried with joy and relief. I'm 13 weeks along, I have the tiniest bump under my shirt, I now own two pairs of maternity pants and we have an organic baby rattle from Uncle Adam sitting on the desk in our office. We feel so grateful and amazed and maybe still a little in disbelief. 2014 has been a year of much stretching and growing and grieving and being comforted, and we have our hands open to receive whatever and however God gives next. We don't think a baby is the greatest … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk about The Einkorn Cookbook


It technically released over two weeks ago, but here we are, finally, bringing you a post of updates about the book. First thing: There were some shipping delays. A bunch of you who preordered books got yours before Thanksgiving, and another bunch of you waited until last week. We're sorry about that! From what we're seeing on social media, the book is slowly trickling out to the public and we hope you all get yours soon. We also hope you like it. Meanwhile, though, we thought we'd talk a little bit more about the book, what's in it, why you should buy it and what our favorite parts are inside. Ready? OK. Why This Book Is Worth Buying I joked to some girlfriends Tuesday night that I am the world's worst seller. I love using einkorn and yet I will be the last person to try to talk you into it because I feel like things that are truly valuable should speak for themselves. I want you to use einkorn and see how you feel more than I want to talk you into using it. But now that we've gone … [Read more...]

Einkorn Spelt Homemade Graham Crackers + Little Gems USA (Giveaway)

homemade einkorn spelt graham crackers with molasses

My friend Leslie runs a Chicago-based jewelry business called LittleGemsUSA, from which 50 percent of all proceeds go straight to charity. Today it is our pure honor to feature that business here, alongside a recipe for the homemade graham crackers I am obsessed with, and accompanied by a giveaway for the sweet little bracelet I'm wearing in the pictures. I love Leslie and I love what she's doing, so it was my idea that she do an interview/giveaway (UPDATE: congratulations, Katrina!) here. When she sent me the answers to her questions, I cried, because, in case you're wondering, she actually is as kind and humble as she sounds. After the Q/A and photos below, you'll find more information about these graham crackers and more information about Leslie's business, including how to win the bracelet and you can go purchase jewelry that will support women and children in need. This is one of those posts that I feel really proud of and thankful for, so please do scroll all the way to the … [Read more...]

a few things worth noting (and some ideas for Christmas stocking stuffers or gifts)

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I read an article recently that said people in my generation have been trained from the age of two to tune out all useless information. We've been advertised to our entire lives, it said, and so we've learned how to sift between noise and value. Most stuff is noise. Little is value. We're good at ignoring. Of all the articles I've read in the last few weeks (and I read articles all day, every day, for my job), nothing has stood out to me more than those few sentences. We tune out the noise. I've thought about it when I'm driving down the highway with the radio on, past billboards and buses with giant ads and that guy on the corner in a costume waving people into a store. I feel, a lot of times, like the world is shouting. Everybody is "look here!" "buy this!" "pay attention to me!" and I'm hungry for the whisper of a person who knows you don't have to be the loudest to be the kindest or the flashiest to be the one with something to say. Whispers are hard to hear in a crowd, like a … [Read more...]