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All About Einkorn Flour, Einkorn Pitas + a Jovial Foods Giveaway!

Jovial Foods einkorn chart

The idea of einkorn flour is nothing new around here, not when we've brought you einkorn pizza crust, einkorn apple tartlets, einkorn overnight pancakes and einkorn pumpkin cake. But, ask any wife of a fantasy-football-lover, even familiar ideas can be confusing (am I right?). We've received so many questions about this ingredient---Why are we using it? What is it? Where can you find it? What's it like to cook with? Can we buy the berries and grind them ourselves?---that we realized it was probably time for an all-around einkorn explanation post. So in the following lengthy, photo-filled, FAQ-style paragraphs, we hope to give you the clear, nuts-and-bolts low-down on this new-to-many-people flour (which is actually an ancient grain). What's more, we've got a recipe for using it in the homemade pitas we eat like crack, a giveaway (one bag of Jovial einkorn flour for three winners!) and (!!) a 10% online discount code (plus free shipping!) at, which you can go use right … [Read more...]

Einkorn Berries: Einkorn Breakfast Porridge + Einkorn Salad with Radicchio and Walnuts

Here we are, gang, a new week, another early Tuesday morning, and I'm still talking about einkorn. I know. But I figure, when I brought you Friday's post, less a story and more a list of FAQs, you all were such champs, and I mean you all, every last one of you, looking a new ingredient in the face boldly and bravely, ready to give it a shot, that maybe you wouldn't mind just one more einkorn post to follow it? The thing is, while we've already told you einkorn flour is great for pizza, pancakes, cookies (einkorn in these!), tartlets and pitas, and while you know you can create your own einkorn flour by buying the berries and grinding them at home, there's something else that needs to be said, because there's more to einkorn berries than flour: einkorn berries can hold their own. The truth is, that tiny mention in Friday's post about the berries, about using them in porridges or salads---it was a little lackluster, to say the least. It was not the kind of thing to get the message … [Read more...]

Flash Giveaway: The Einkorn Cookbook


Hi guys. Just a quick post to say that we want to give away a signed copy of The Einkorn Cookbook to one of you here this Valentine's week. We're going to make it super simple and accept entries now through 11:59 PM CST on Saturday, February 14. CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. (UPDATE 2/15: The winner, per, is commenter #33 Felicia! Congratulations!) To enter: In keeping with the spirit of Valentine's Day, comment here naming something specific you like about someone you love. It doesn't need to be your significant other; it could be your mom or your roommate or your coworker or your nephew. Just name the person and what you like about them and do it by Saturday at midnight. We'll pick a random winner, update this post accordingly (Hooray, Felicia!) and mail out the book next week. For more information about The Einkorn Cookbook, visit this info page! To just go buy a copy of The Einkorn Cookbook instead, see the links at the right sidebar, beneath the book's … [Read more...]

Strawberry Leek Pizza with Kefir-Soaked Einkorn Crust

Picking up where we left off Tuesday, here's a strawberry leek pizza---because nothing showcases summer strawberries quite as well as dolloping them onto a cracker-like crust, alongside sauteéd leeks and cheese. The strawberry-leek combo here came to us after making Sara's quesadillas, which, yes, we already referenced in the last post but, trust us, they're good enough to warrant at least one more nod. The combination of golden, oily leeks with sweet, sliced strawberries is one of those classic pairs that, after you taste them together, you'll want to apply elsewhere again and again. The night I came home from strawberry picking, Tim and I were standing there in the darkening kitchen, eating our slippery, gooey quesadilla triangles, wondering out loud where else strawberries and leeks could belong, "Paninis!" one of us said. "Grilled cheese!" from the other. Then, "Tarts!" "Pies!" "Quiche?" when, like a giant "of course!" it came to us. Pizza. Pizza! … [Read more...]

Einkorn Cannoli Cupcakes

When I was a kid, my parents would dart around the house in the final moments before company arrived, lighting candles, cleaning bathrooms, setting appetizers out just right. You could feel the energy in the air in those almost-game-time minutes---a sort of nervous, happy energy---something greater than the sound of my mom’s boom box playing its background harps or violins. When the doorbell rang, my dad would rush to the door, opening it proudly, beaming, welcoming guests inside as he took their coats and greeted them, motioning my brother and me to come say hi. Then, my mom would emerge from the kitchen, winded but obviously delighted at whatever was in her hands, prompting oohs and ahs and questions from the ones who’d been invited to come. Each one meal and its accompanying conversation would take two or three---maybe four or five with particularly talkative friends---hours before dishes were being cleared and the food getting wrapped up and people’s coats being pulled back out to … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk about The Einkorn Cookbook


It technically released over two weeks ago, but here we are, finally, bringing you a post of updates about the book. First thing: There were some shipping delays. A bunch of you who preordered books got yours before Thanksgiving, and another bunch of you waited until last week. We're sorry about that! From what we're seeing on social media, the book is slowly trickling out to the public and we hope you all get yours soon. We also hope you like it. Meanwhile, though, we thought we'd talk a little bit more about the book, what's in it, why you should buy it and what our favorite parts are inside. Ready? OK. Why This Book Is Worth Buying I joked to some girlfriends Tuesday night that I am the world's worst seller. I love using einkorn and yet I will be the last person to try to talk you into it because I feel like things that are truly valuable should speak for themselves. I want you to use einkorn and see how you feel more than I want to talk you into using it. But now that we've gone … [Read more...]

Red Fruit Einkorn Hand Pies


Tim and I made these red fruit hand pies a few weeks ago, but I've been going back and forth about whether to tell you about them. I can be kind of a perfectionist. Note I did not write, I can be kind of perfect. Perfect people wouldn't be perfectionists. They wouldn't have to waste their time frustrating themselves and those around them with the pursuit of the unattainable. They'd be the unattainable. Of course, they also would be imaginary because perfect people don't exist. Chasing perfection is a losing battle. Chasing perfection is a battle I want to stop. So I'm starting right now. With rustic red fruit hand pies. Here I am, Shanna Mallon, 30 years old, maker of mismatched hand pies, nice to meet you, hello, how are you, let's talk. … [Read more...]

Parsley Pesto Pizza + Squash Apple Pizza with Einkorn Crusts

There are people who don't believe in making a big deal about birthdays, but I'm not one of them---and I have my brother to thank. My brother, Adam, who is two years and two months younger than I am (but if you heard us together, you'd swear he were the one who's older), came here to see us last week, arriving around 2 p.m. on his birthday Wednesday and staying through Saturday night. The thing you have to understand about my brother and birthdays is he is kind of the king of celebrating them. When I turned 21, he took me to a Coach store and told me to pick out one thing I wanted, any one thing, and he would buy it for me---choosing a purse in a store so far outside my price range made me feel like the richest person in the world, and that's a feeling you never forget. Another year, he surprised me with a party at Ravinia, this outdoor park near Chicago where Tony Bennett was playing for the night. Since then, there have been trips to Maine and, when I was dating Tim, a … [Read more...]

Einkorn Rye Chocolate Chip Pancakes

einkorn rye chocolate chip pancakes-2

I woke up this morning wanting chocolate chip pancakes, so after Tim and I split an apple (fruit in the morning every morning!), these einkorn rye beauties, studded with melted chocolate throughout, were side by side with us at our computer screens. I went with rye because of the bag of rye flour in our freezer, which came in my first Thrive Market order last week. (Short sales pitch: Have you heard of Thrive Market yet? They say they're Costco meets Whole Foods. And while they're not paying me to tell you this, we did sign up to be affiliates after joining the service, because, you guys, last week I got two jars of organic peanut butter + two boxes of maple buckwheat cereal + a bag of Purely Elizabeth granola + five boxes (!!) of One Degree cereal + two bags of [rye and buckwheat] flour for a whopping total of $41, including the free shipping and handling. OK, commercial over. You can go learn more here if you like.) Back to the pancakes. So should you wake up tomorrow morning … [Read more...]

Tennessee Apple Picking + Rustic Apple Tartlets (+ Einkorn Flour!)

It's Saturday. I'm awake too early, still in bed but eyes wide open, staring at the ceiling, too excited to go back to sleep. Today we're going apple-picking, which, for the joy it gives me, may as well be cookie-eating or treasure-finding, and right now, the sound of Tim's breathing next to me, all I can think about are the bright blue skies, warm golden sunshine and endless apples that await us when we do. What can I say about apple-picking that hasn't already been said? That there's something wonderful about standing amongst rows of trees, many of them heavy with fruit, the yeasty smell of fallen, fermenting apples in the air? That trekking out with your friends or family to an orchard, a basket slung over your arm, feels like a celebration, just like carving a turkey or chopping down a Christmas tree? Or maybe that picking apples, to me, is one of those activities that's so quintessentially autumn, so like pumpkin carving or sipping cider, that when you go out and do it, … [Read more...]

Harvest Einkorn Pound Cake


A few days ago, Tim and I rearranged our work hours to go to the pumpkin patch in the middle of the day. We never found the pumpkin patch. Instead, where the map said the patch should be, we found a sweet little house and a lot of open land and, well, this: Sometimes I forget how close you live to the country when you live in Nashville. The entire time we drove those sunny back roads, we never saw another human being. We saw the friendly guys above, some horses, a dog I thought was a llama and a large parcel of land with a big "for sale" sign, but there were no signs marked "pumpkins," no arrows directing us a different way, so we drove the winding trail back to town, just us and the animals and the blue sky. Back in town---Watertown, that is, population 1500---We found an antique store where the shopkeeper not only welcomed us in, but also told us about her daughter, talked about Maine, invited us back ("Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days") and recommended … [Read more...]

Baked Cherry (Einkorn) Cake Doughnuts

cherry doughnuts

This morning before we got up, talking ourselves into starting the day, Tim suggested baked goods. "Cake?" he started. No, we'd just had banana cake. "Muffins?" No, I made him streusel-topped blueberry muffins on Saturday, the one thing he wanted (not cake, not ice cream) as his birthday treat. (We loved those muffins, and we wanted more of those muffins, but how could we give them a new twist?) "What about doughnuts?" I asked him. That blueberry-buckle-turned-muffin recipe is truly a standout, altogether worthy of the birthday remake it received, so surely it could be doughnuts, too. We'd loved it last summer after blueberry-picking, and we'd loved it this past weekend on the road (right down to the last one we'd packed and saved for Sunday afternoon, eating it with our hands after church). I don't know what it is about this recipe---The fluffy interior of the crumb, the crumbly topping so decadent and sweet, the bright bursts of blueberry mixed into each bite---but it's officially … [Read more...]

Tim’s Famous Overnight Pancakes

pancakes pancakes

Looking ahead to Friday’s post begins for me, usually, sometime on Wednesday, which this week was the gray and shady afternoon in which Tim and I ventured way out to the west side of town, to Bellevue, the Nashville neighborhood of older shopping plazas and brand-new housing communities where Perl, a new-to-us café Yelp users compare to Marché and Scoutmob currently has a deal on, is located. Armed with my Christmas gift of a yellow Anthropologie journal and wearing the gray-and-white-striped vintage dress I found last week at Goodwill’s sale, I sat with Tim through 20 minutes of highway and unfamiliar neighborhoods and launched into the purpose of our midweek date: quizzing him about big dreams for the future. “So tell me,” I began. “If there were no limits and no obstacles, what would you want to do this year? What do you wish you could work towards? What are your big dreams?” … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Cake + Pumpkin Trifle

pumpkin wedding cake |

Exactly one year ago today, Tim and I were up in the Chicago suburbs, driving out to the DuPage County courthouse to lift up our hands and solemnly swear that we were who we said we were and get the nice lady in the sea of cubicles to hand us our marriage license, our marriage license! I remember walking out of that building, into the crowded parking lot, hand in hand with Tim and thinking, our marriage license! It’s official now! Not just in terms of a giant dress in the closet and a chalkboard seating chart, but, as in, according to the government, we’re actually about to do this thing. Three days from now, we’re getting hitched! I know I’ve said this here before, but, seriously, there are so many more details involved with planning a wedding than I ever would have imagined, and, when you plan your wedding fast, like we did in six months, you learn to scrap a lot of those details in the name of staying sane---like a wedding cake maybe. We had pretty much ruled it out, thinking … [Read more...]

Chocolate Chip Einkorn Belgian Waffles

The best part of today was definitely the waffles we made for breakfast. When Tim came out to the living room around 7 AM, he found me curled up on the leather sofa we inherited from his former bachelor pad, reading a book I bought on Amazon, which arrived yesterday afternoon. I'd been up since 5:30 and figured I may as well distract myself a while. Sometimes the only way to stop thinking about something is to start thinking about something else. He joined me on the sofa, propped up his legs and settled in to talk, and we passed an hour like nothing, the way we tend to do when we talk about heavy concepts like the book I am reading brings up. Most mornings, our routine is to walk and to read and to get ready for our workdays; today we talked and then we prayed and I said, Let’s make waffles, and we walked together to the fridge. … [Read more...]

Classic Einkorn Chocolate Chip Cookies


I know today is the first of the year and the time for resolutions and healthy recipe searches, but while we were in Ohio last week, Tim got talking about some chocolate chip cookies his mom used to make, crisp around the edges and soft on the inside. It turned out his sister, Gina, had his mom's original recipe book on hand, one of those spiral-bound church club versions where Myrtle shares her meatloaf and Veera provides her famous recipe for banana cream pie. That's how I found out the cookies from Tim's memories came from the kitchen of one Marcia Maki and were marked with a handwritten "very good" in his mom's red pen. I love when people write in their cookbooks, almost as much as I love the way that food lets us remember people who cooked for us once they're gone. It's a way of making a cookbook more personal, more your own. It's also a great reference for posterity 20 or 30 years down the line, when they want to know if Mom liked the cherry pie and see a big "NO" written on … [Read more...]

Einkorn Cream Puffs


I read somewhere this weekend that stepping into grief is a lot like stepping into a dark room. The door shuts behind you and you panic because you can’t see, your arms go flailing all about, you're lost and alone and unsure. It's scary and it's lonely and you aren't sure what to do, but then your vision adjusts. You look around and with new eyes you see what at first you couldn’t—that there are people who climbed in there with you when you went to that dark place, like my friend Joanna who cried with me and let me cry with her and who knew so well what to say and how to say it, I may never respond to anyone who is grieving again in the same way I once would have done. Then your eyes adjust more, and even more shockingly, you see there are people all around you who were already there, people who have walked through their own miscarriages, people like some of you who honored us with your stories, and you think, I had no idea you were in this place!, and you find real comfort in seeing … [Read more...]

Maple Blueberry Coconut Oil Scones Made with Einkorn Flour (Dairy-Free, Refined-Sugar-Free)

blueberry maple scones made with einkorn flour and coconut oil

I had a meltdown this weekend, full and total, lots of crying, the way pregnant women (or maybe especially this pregnant woman) are prone to do. Being pregnant has been weirdly easy for me physically---today at Trader Joe's, the sweet cashier asked me how far along I am, "37 weeks!" I said, and she gave a sympathetic nod with her sarcastic "oh, man, I bet you're feeling great." Then I had to say, actually, I am! Falling asleep is different than it used to be, I have this whole pillow arrangement I'm pretty married to now, and I've noticed I'm getting slower when I walk, but overall I feel good, just big, in most ways. The one way I do feel super pregnant, however, is when I have one of these meltdowns, man, these meltdowns, and hear myself venting out all these doubts and emotions that I really don't need to let have a voice in my heart. Tim's pretty good about handling these outbursts, which thankfully come less often than they did in early pregnancy, and this past weekend, he said … [Read more...]

Gingered Pear Einkorn Coffee Cake with Streusel Topping

ginger pear coffee cake with streusel topping-3

Dear Mama Madison, I can't believe we're actually here, I'm actually writing this post, your belly is swelling bigger with every Instagram photo and every day ticks us one closer to the day little he or she arrives. I can't believe it because I'm so I'm terrible at hoping, so eager to protect myself, so always shocked by every sweetness, every joy, every pure delight God gives us. I have felt guilt about this before, about my weak faith and great fear, and I have looked ahead to parenthood counting all the ways I'll mess up because of it and because of other things I wish I didn't do. I won't believe enough. I won't say the right thing. I'll hurt my kid in a way that he never forgets and I'll regret it and it will be horrible. But then this thought comes to me that I hope comes to you: I will never be a perfect parent; you will never be a perfect parent; there is only One Perfect Parent and He not only parents us, but He'll parent our little ones, too. We don't have to get it all … [Read more...]

Homemade (Einkorn) Ravioli with Sundried Tomato, Capers and Ricotta — Made with a Food Processor!

The exclamation point at the end of this post's title is a little gimmicky, I know. But if there were ever a time to use an exclamation point in a post title, this is it. As soon as I saw this post at The Kitchn about making homemade pasta in the food processor, I was curious. As any Italian grandma would tell you, pasta-making traditionally involves very specific rules, from the mounding of the flour on the counter to the setting the eggs in the center to the incorporating everything into a workable dough. If the process could actually be as simple as a few minutes in a food processor, why wasn’t everyone doing it that way? Was this a gimmick or a trick? I’ll admit I was skeptical, but since The Kitchn rarely steers me wrong, regularly pointing me to such interesting resources as a simple sourdough starter, cool kitchen designs and a reminder about a Samoa popcorn recipe I have got to try, I figured this concept was worth a shot. That very day I saw the piece, I pinned the article, … [Read more...]