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  • French Lentil Soup with Spices and Chard

    shanna soup

    One post I’m telling you how our car didn’t have air-conditioning, and the next I’m making French lentil soup. It may seem counterintuitive, I know, but here we are in the hottest season of the year in America and Tim and I are still scooping ladles of this creamy, spicy mixture to our bowls. What […]

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  • Rainbow Guacamole with Beets and Apples

    Rainbow Guacamole with Beets and Apples 7.jpg

    I was a bride of one night when Tim and I packed up our bags, bought a sourdough sandwich at O’Hare Airport and boarded an American Airlines jet for our eight-hour nonstop flight to Honolulu. The day before had been filled with nonstop activity: his going to the car rental place, my fussing with my […]