Dessert in a hurry: BANANA BOATS /

7:00 p.m. Walk in the door. Turn the oven to 350F. Pull the frozen banana out of the freezer, stick it in the Vitamix (or other high-speed blender or food processor) and pureé it to a cream, almost like soft serve. Scoop into a container, set it in the freezer. Clean the Vitamix.

7:10 p.m. Take another banana off the counter, just one of the ones you usually grab for smoothies or snacks, and set it, still peeled, on top of a baking sheet, a rimmed one if you want. Slide the baking sheet into the oven, set the timer for 15 minutes, twiddle your thumbs, go sit on the sofa and look at Instagram, or stand in the kitchen like a creeper watching your neighbor from the window and wonder if he’s shaved his beard (is that your neighbor?).

7:25 p.m. When the oven dings, use mitted hands to pull baking sheet and its now-black banana out of oven. Holding the sheet with one mitted hand, use the other hand and a sharp knife to slice one straight cut down the middle vertically, top to bottom, creating an easy slit with which to open the banana and scoop your frozen banana ice cream on top.

7:30 p.m. Add some (optional) chopped nuts or cacao nibs or anything you like (I veer salty or savory here because, you know, you are about to eat two bananas, and bananas are sweeeeeet). Take one bite, and stop everything you are doing to pull out your camera and then your iPhone and then your computer because, woah!, bananas on bananas! This is completely killer! And standing in your front doorway, catching a photo in the day’s last light, you realize right now, this minute, the world needs to know.

8:00 p.m. Publish blog post. Start of cooking to published post = one hour = WORLD RECORD. Yessssss.

15-minute, 1-ingredient BANANA BOATS /

Banana Boats /

Banana Boats


Serving Size: 1

Banana Boats

When we were in Atlanta, we went to IKEA like anyone who doesn't live near an IKEA does when she goes to a city that has one, where I spent a good 15 minutes flipping through a store cookbook filled with inspiration, including this idea to roast bananas, top them with frozen bananas and eat them like a crazy-good dessert. The roasted banana tastes like the inside of banana pudding or banana cream pie, and the frozen banana tastes like a banana-y icy soft serve. Together, it's like banana pecan pie meets the best thing I've had all week.

Thanks, IKEA! We now love you for more than your cheap dishcloths.


  • 1 peeled, frozen banana
  • 1 unpeeled, room-temperature banana
  • Optional: cacao nibs, chopped nuts, etc.


Turn oven and set temperature to 350F(180C). Put frozen banana in high-speed blender or food processor and puree until smooth, using the tamper if you're using a Vitamix. Scoop out mixture into a bowl and place in freezer.

Set unpeeled banana on a rimmed baking sheet and bake in now-preheated oven for 15 minutes. Remove from oven, slice down the middle vertically, pushing the opening at each side to widen it and make room for ice cream on top.

Scoop the frozen banana mixture on top of the banana.

Top with cacao nibs, chopped nuts or whatever you like.


To make this for a crowd, do everything times the number of people you're looking to serve! The ice cream would be even easier when blended in bulk.

Shanna Mallon

Shanna Mallon started Food Loves Writing back in 2008, as a way to remember her grandma and write about her life through food. Since then it's become a place leading her to a lifestyle of eating whole foods, a new home in Nashville and the love of her life, Tim. Follow Shanna on Twitter @foodloves, keep up with Food Loves Writing on Facebook and stay inspired with the monthly newsletter.

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  1. Rosie @The Porridge Pot

    This is the best idea! Baked banana = heaven, frozen banana = heaven, I can only imagine how insanely good this tastes!

    1. Shanna Mallon

      Rosie, Try it! You’ve got to!

  2. Marie @ Little Kitchie

    OK, must try ASAP! Sounds INCREDIBLE, and it’s really beautiful too!

    1. Shanna Mallon

      Right? So brilliant! Thanks, IKEA! And thank you, Marie, for the sweet comment. : )

  3. Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

    I love banana boats! We make this kind of thing camping and loooove it!!

    1. Shanna Mallon

      I’ve heard that from several people now, and I’m thinking I’ve been missing out!

  4. Sarah Branine

    You are amazing!

    1. Shanna Mallon

      ha! if this recipe makes me look amazing, you know it’s a good one… try it! : )

  5. felicia | Dish by Dish

    Banana on banana. How original! Just totally different textures but same great taste. Hey side note btw, love this method of recounting and telling the banana story!

    1. Shanna Mallon

      Felicia, I’m totally obsessed with this banana thing! you’ve got to try it! And thanks, buddy!

  6. Sini | my blue&white kitchen

    Haha, I love absolutely everything about this post. You are amazing!

    1. Shanna Mallon

      Ha! Thanks, Sini, you are kind!

  7. tala

    i love the simplicity of this recipe! such a clever idea, the blackened banana kind of looks like and eggplant haha!

    1. Shanna Mallon

      Right? It’s like an entirely different thing altogether after it cooks. Yet another kitchen marvel.

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