Sautéed Mushrooms and Thyme Pine Nut Butter Sandwiches


The other day Tim and I walked out the side door of our house, the one in the kitchen beneath our upstairs neighbor’s stairs, and I said to him how strange it was to step outside and see so much life around us. As he mentioned in the last post, late February around here has […]

Ginger Lavender Tonic


Special treat today: post from Tim. This ginger lavender tonic feels like such a summer drink—but hey, the days are yo-yoing around here, summer one day, winter the next. It feels like a giant tease to get a breezy and sunny 68-degree day one week and then a frigid 20s chiller the next. We are […]

Creamy Red Roasted Beet Soup


Posting a red roasted beet soup the week after Valentine’s Day is a little like posting a pumpkin pie the month after Thanksgiving, but we’re going ahead and bringing you this rosy red romance in a bowl today instead of two weeks ago because it demonstrates the versatility of the basic cream soup. Like the […]

Velvet Carrot Soup with Amaretti Crumble


“i said to my soul be still and wait so the darkness shall be the light and the stillness the dancing.” t. s. eliot Winter has always seemed to me to be a season of waiting. Maybe that’s why I’ve struggled to like it. All season long, we wait for the days to lengthen again, […]

Roasted Carrot Ravioli in Thyme Brown Butter


“Choose love not in the shallows but in the deeps.” Christina Rossetti It’s Valentine’s week and people are talking about love, and I already brought you two sets of hearts, so I better talk about the thoughts behind them if I’m ever going to. I’ve been thinking so much lately about the difference between lives […]

Date Truffles


When Tim came home from his Thursday meetings today, I handed him one of these date truffles, and he told me to get my coat, and the two of us headed to Bella Nashville for a pizza date, which is where we’d agreed to work on our book-mapping. We’re so close to turning our manuscript […]