Slow-Cooked Broccolette Tartines


5 Fun Facts about Broccolette: 1/ Broccolette is to broccolini what Shannalee is to Shanna. (It's just another way of saying the same thing.) It also goes by several other names, according to Wikipedia, among them asparation, asparations, bimi, broccoletti, and tenderstem. Tenderstem! … [Read more...]

Holiday 2013 Gift Ideas


No matter how many gift guides I see online or in magazines, they always have me hooked. I like seeing the things people pick. So with that in mind, here are a few of my and Tim's favorites---We'd love to hear about yours, too! Happy December! Shanna's Gift Ideas 1 // Buy Local Seasonal Coloring Book: I think this little "buy local" coloring book is the cutest (enough so that I may have ordered one for our niece this year). Hand-drawn by talented illustrator Claudia Pearson, this book features pages of ready-to-color produce, organized by the month in which it's grown. 2 // Aerolatte Milk Frother: Make your own morning lattes with the super simple Aerolatte frother---so easy to use and easy to clean! We're biased, but we'd say to start with our maple ginger tea lattes, posted earlier this year. 3 // Restaurant-Style Dish Towels (12): I love restaurant-style items you can use at your home dining table or in your own kitchen. These classy white-and-blue dish towels are a good … [Read more...]