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Hi, guys. Today’s post is going to be a little different from our usual routine, and I am so excited about it. Our friend Winnie from Healthy Green Kitchen published a book earlier this month called One Simple Change: Surprisingly Easy Ways to Transform Your Life—Maybe you’ve heard of it? Its first printing sold out on Amazon?—and inside, the contents are exactly what the title describes. This book is not a cookbook per se (although it does have recipes), and it’s not a memoir (although it does have stories), and it’s definitely not a new diet to try (the first chapter, in fact, is titled “Stop Dieting”). Instead, it’s a package of suggestions—simple changes—that range from “Cook More” (chapter 10) to “Eat Healthy Fats and Oils” (chapter 19), backed up by research and Winnie’s own experiences. She talks about raw milk, and she mentions einkorn flour, and she’s on the same page with us about so many other things, too, from smoothies to juicing to getting time outside.  We like this book. In fact, we like this book so much, we are giving one away in this post (details at the bottom), and, if we could, we would give one away to everyone on our Christmas list. The ideas are so relatable and practical and, here’s the biggest thing, doable. You don’t read this book and feel overwhelmed or discouraged or like you’ll never be able to change. You read it and think, “Huh. I guess I could drink a glass of water first thing in the morning” (chapter 3) or “Yeah, maybe I could switch to natural products for my skincare routine” (chapter 46). I read it and now find myself thinking, in my long, hot showers every morning, “Hmm, maybe I could at least do some cold water at the end, since this hot water is so drying to my skin.” Winnie breaks everything down into such manageable, bite-sized information, she feels like a friendly teacher, not a rule maker, and her overview of information doesn’t come across judgmentally in any way; rather, it comes across as useful, helpful ideas for positive changes to make for better physical and emotional health. This is big to me because, ever since my life started taking one change after another in 2011, I’ve seen firsthand the power of one simple change—and I think Winnie explains that better than I ever could.

To buy the book: There’s a waiting period on shipping of One Simple Change through right now, but Winnie lists some other resources for purchasing it on her site.

To win a copy:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

disclaimer: we were given a review copy of One Simple Change. all opinions expressed are our own. giveaway is not sponsored—we just really like Winnie’s book.


  1. says

    hey! what a great idea friend! especially since we’re starting the new year, small changes are a great way to reach our goals! thanks for the reminder Shanna, and I’m wishing you and Tim a beautiful Christmas & New Year’s! Love you!

  2. jacquie says

    oh I so want – need actually – to win the book but I don’t have a facebook account or do twitter or pininterest or other social media types of things. Isn’t there anyway I can get an entry?

  3. wendy r. says

    What a wonderful compilation of ideas – thanks for highlighting this, would love to win it. Who doesn’t want to start the new year and holidays with a great ‘reset’ book.


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