The Moments That Make Up Our Days | A Monthly Photo Essay (July)

This morning, I tried to wake Tim up at 6:30 AM; instead, we both ended up sleeping until almost 9. I can’t say I’m sorry. I will say, however, that the magnetic force that pulls you back towards the covers is the very same force that tells you to leave the camera on the shelf and, accordingly, that today’s photo-every-hour project almost didn’t happen. Looking back on these images now, though, I’m glad it did. I’m also glad for the many gifts—graces—this project represents (more on those graces Friday). I keep thinking lately that all of us, everywhere, are constantly being given graces, morning by morning, comforts we didn’t cause. I wish we paid attention to them.

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// 8:30 AM: Who of us has ever helped the sun come up? And yet, each morning, there it is, again.   //

// 9:30 AM:  We pad over to our sofa, read together to start the day, then pull out our laptops and set to work. //

// 10:30 AM: Four! Potted plants! All still alive! //

// 11:30 to 12:30 PM: Leftover summer rolls and leftover roasted beets. //

// 1:30 PM: Beach day! We’ve been talking all summer about taking some time one afternoon to hit the lake, and, today, we finally made good on the promise.  //

// 3:30 PM: After two detours, a closed recreation area and an unexpected phone call from a friend, we wound up north of Nashville, at a lake where preteen boys popped wheelies on their pink bicycles and the air was so hot, we had to dip into the water almost as soon as we stepped out of it.  //

// 4:30 PM: We only stayed about an hour, until storm clouds and lightning sent everyone running to their cars, but it was enough.  //

// 5:30 PM: Dinner prep. //

// 6:30 PM: We made einkorn pizza crusts with strawberry kefir (because strawberry was all the store had on hand, but it worked! made the pizza crust sweet!), topping them with roasted garlic, yellow tomatoes and fat slices of mozzarella cheese. The olive oil, we drizzled with our new VIVA drip-free bottle (we received a review product recently and like how easily it drizzles from the spout). Then we ate our dinner with our chairs pointing towards the window and, watched the rain fall. //

// 7:30 PM: After dinner, we resumed our sofa-laptop poses, but when I got up to go to the bathroom and saw the bright, blurred light out the window, I gasped.  //


(This photo essay is part of the monthly Ten on Ten project launched by Rebekah Gough. For more information on the concept, go here).


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    I’m so glad you did pick up your camera this month – I love these little insights into your day and the dreamy way you have of capturing the light.

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