Strawberry Peach Tart on Maple Shortbread Cookie Crust

strawberry peach tart with shortbread cookie crust

From your comments, I know many of you experience strawberry season a little later than we do here in Tennessee. So if it’s been June instead of May that’s sent you picking strawberries and bringing buckets of them home, listen up. Whether you’ve just made homemade jam or are about to (or if you picked up jam from another source!), have we got a treat for you. You already know about turning strawberry jam into ice cream. You already know how good it is slathered on buttered toast. And maybe you’re like us and have already whipped up this Bon Appétit recipe for baby biscuits baked with circles of jam on top? If so, and you’re looking for yet one more way to put that berry jam to good use: here it is. Just over a week ago, Tim and I discovered yet another beautiful reason to love strawberry preserves—and, boy, let me tell you, it’s show-stopping.

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The Moments That Make Up Our Days | A Monthly Photo Essay (June)

The first thing I thought when I woke up this morning was that it was June 10, the day for Ten on Ten. The next thing I thought was that I’d like to go back to sleep. Our house is as cold as winter in the mornings, even in June. In the end, both ideas won me over, although, as you’ll see below, the first one took much more discipline than the last. Enjoy the June edition of a photo every hour of the day—which, admittedly, turns out to be more like Twelve on Ten—we’ll be back with a fresh recipe post in the morning, but for now, here’s a photo-focused peek inside our day.

(View last month’s Ten on Ten here.)


// 7 O’Clock: The best part of mornings is the light. //

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Writer Chats, Part IV: The Joy of Writing

Today we bring you part four of our Writer Chats series, from the lovely Felicia Lim of Dish by Dish. Felicia’s a long-time commenter here at the blog and, more than almost anyone I know, a picture of what it means to find joy in writing. A lot of writers start out with a joy like hers–at least I did—but, over time, after years of deadlines and uninspiring projects, that joy wanes. That’s why it’s refreshing to hear from a passionate, enthusiastic voice like hers here. 

Felicia Lim on the Joy of Writing

My first experiences with writing began with journals, both online and off, but it was really when I started blogging more than a decade ago that writing became such a part of me, I don’t think anyone could know me well if they did not read what I wrote.

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Day Trip: Asheville

Day Trip: Asheville

Wednesday, Tim and I spent our first five waking hours driving, through twists and turns and mountain ranges, to Asheville, North Carolina. Just before we left, while I was packing a bag of toiletries in the bathroom, my hair still wet and the window letting in cool morning air, Tim came in and said “I love taking trips!” Or, really, he said, “I LOVE TAKING TRIPS!” because he said it with the same gusto one might have when announcing “I JUST WON THE LOTTERY!” It made me laugh. It made my heart swell. For the record, Tim and everybody: I LOVE TAKING TRIPS, too.

day trip asheville

We packed our car with a small overnight bag, a few snacks we grabbed on our way out the door, our camera and a handwritten list of places to visit. Our laptops, and all the emailing and freelance working that goes with them, stayed behind. For people who are on their computers as much as we are, it felt strange to leave our laptops behind. For people who are on their computers as much as we are, it felt wonderful to leave our laptops behind.

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Creamy, Spicy Collard Wraps

Most of the time, when I try to remember our honeymoon, everything’s fuzzy. I remember the guacamole Tim made the first night we arrived, after a whirlwind flight-flight-car-pickup-grocery-stop that had included my breaking down crying in the Wal-Mart parking lot. (Turns out 14 hours of travel, the day after a wedding, takes it out of a girl.) I remember the feeling of being away from it all, as if we’d left the world, gone to a secret place where only we knew each other. I remember the cheap avocados. I remember the roosters that woke us up our first day. I remember the euphoria of being alone and in love and, mostly, done with planning a wedding. But other than that, it’s all a blur.

Cream Spicy Collard Wraps

But then other days, other moments, I get quick, unexpected glimpses that put me right back in that place. Tim and I were driving down a country road Sunday, and as we rounded a bend, both sides of the scenery turned thick and green, like the tall walls of jungle we’d driven through in Kauai. “Remember that corner we’d turn, after we left Postcards for dinner?” I said to Tim.

“I loved driving that jeep,” he said to me.

Tim and Shanna and Collards

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