The Moments That Make Up Our Days | A Monthly Photo Essay (June)

The first thing I thought when I woke up this morning was that it was June 10, the day for Ten on Ten. The next thing I thought was that I’d like to go back to sleep. Our house is as cold as winter in the mornings, even in June. In the end, both ideas won me over, although, as you’ll see below, the first one took much more discipline than the last. Enjoy the June edition of a photo every hour of the day—which, admittedly, turns out to be more like Twelve on Ten—we’ll be back with a fresh recipe post in the morning, but for now, here’s a photo-focused peek inside our day.

(View last month’s Ten on Ten here.)


// 7 O’Clock: The best part of mornings is the light. //


// 8 O’Clock: Reading through Exodus and marveling at hard hearts like mine. //


// 9 O’Clock: Workin’. //


// 10 O’Clock: Tim brought me a bowl of fresh strawberries as a morning snack. He’s good to me. //


// 11-12 O’Clock: Saturday night, we bought two succulents at Trader Joe’s, and having them on the dining room table made me smile all day. In case you’ve heard about the many ways I’ve accidentally killed succulents in the past, good news: my new plan is to do absolutely nothing. //


// 1 O’Clock: Lunch was chopped cucumbers, tomatoes and basil, tossed with yogurt, roasted garlic and Italian herbs, with salt and pepper all over everything. //


// 2 O’Clock: Grateful for the way the Internet makes it easy to write from anywhere. //


// 3 O’Clock: And so begins the surprising part of our day, starting with a stop at Tim’s old landlord’s house to pick up a key. Nashville’s awfully pretty in June. //


// 4 O’Clock: While I did the light work of talking to my friend Jackie on the phone and driving Tim and his brother around town, the two of them replaced a car battery, which is the second new battery we’ve seen this season. Sometimes I can’t believe the way that everything eventually breaks down. //


// 5 O’Clock: On the other hand, few things are more life-giving that fresh produce from a local farm. As of today, our CSA pickups have begun! Hooray! Our refrigerator is now stocked with greens aplenty. //


// 6-7 O’Clock: Dinner with friends in my favorite Nashville neighborhood. //


// 8 O’Clock: Driving home beneath clouds that looked like mountain ranges. //

Happy Monday, friends! Sitting here now, I’m glad for these photos to look back on, as a testament to a full day of moments. See you in the morning with a cookie meets tart! Trust me when I say that it’s something to see.


(For more information on the Ten on Ten project, go here)


  1. says

    Those clouds are spectacular! I could look at that picture for hours. I love these little glimpses into your day; thank you for sharing.

  2. says

    Oh my, again, I must say how much I am loving this series Shanna. You’ve so beautifully depicted the magical moments of a day, and I do so love how you capture that morning light. Happy June to you!

  3. says

    Great photo set. I sometime imagine the clouds that appear in the morning over Lake Michigan as mountains as well. Thanks for sharing.

  4. says

    Oh, I’ve had some terrible luck with succulents too! I’ve always assumed it’s because I buy them during the summer, forgetting that I practically live in the Arctic and that the poor little guys won’t see the sun for at least 6 months once November rolls around. I hope you have better luck with yours!

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