here, right now

Tim and I logged another 700 miles on the car this past weekend, this time trekking back and forth with my brother-in-law to spend a few days with family in Cincinnati and Dayton. Between homemade meatballs, birthday candles and organic frozen yogurt sweetened with Stevia, we left with bellies full---not to mention memories of a quick trip to the guys' favorite stadium, some late-night guacamole and a camera's load of photographs from a night at the cutest small-town vintage bowling alley you ever did see. But when we came back to town last night, after a stop at the Louisville Whole Foods for some fresh fruit and sourdough, there wasn't much inspired cooking going on, just some unpacking, Netflix watching (this is our current addiction) and snack grabbing (a pluot for me, leftover ice cream for Tim), which means I have little to offer today except a list of recent inspirations---but that's not so bad because I've had a lot of them to share over the last few weeks. As always, … [Read more...]