on the road again

Tim and I logged another 700 miles on the car this past weekend, this time trekking back and forth with my brother-in-law to spend a few days with family in Cincinnati and Dayton. Between homemade meatballs, birthday candles and organic frozen yogurt sweetened with Stevia, we left with bellies full—not to mention memories of a quick trip to the guys’ favorite stadium, some late-night guacamole and a camera’s load of photographs from a night at the cutest small-town vintage bowling alley you ever did see.


But when we came back to town last night, after a stop at the Louisville Whole Foods for some fresh fruit and sourdough, there wasn’t much inspired cooking going on, just some unpacking, Netflix watching (this is our current addiction) and snack grabbing (a pluot for me, leftover ice cream for Tim), which means I have little to offer today except a list of recent inspirations—but that’s not so bad because I’ve had a lot of them to share over the last few weeks. As always, I’d love to hear what’s been inspiring you, too!

Some of the latest around here, right now:

Every day, I find more and more food photos that blow me away. Oh, and non-food photos, too.

I’ve only just discovered Rebekka Seale, but I am a new superfan. She does gorgeous illustrations. I love reading her blog (and using her monthly desktop calendars!) And check out her East Nashville house!

If you ever overcook quinoa, remember this: you can blend it with roasted vegetables, bread crumbs and seasonings until it tastes good, then form it into burgers to chill/freeze and bake in an oiled pan. Also, it makes a nice topping for toasted tortillas, warmed and topped with some feta cheese and balsamic.

Speaking of burgers, Sunshine Burgers sent us some coupons a while ago to try their products, and the hemp & sage ones, grilled and topped with a quick homemade barbecue sauce, were pretty exceptional.

The moment I saw Emma’s rich chocolate slice recipe, made with five or six ingredients total, I knew what I had to do. Using walnuts instead of almonds and doubling the recipe for a nine-inch springform pan, I brought it to a clean-eating dinner party Friday night before we left town, it was fantastic.


You probably already saw this video from Laura’s blog featuring a summer panzanella, right? It’s incredible.

Rachel Eats is one of my all-time favorite blogs to read, and her recipe for Pesche Ripiene (roasted peaches stuffed with amaretti cookies) has found its way into our kitchen two times already. We still haven’t perfected baking our own amaretti cookies, but every time, the peaches have been slap-the-table good.

Digging The Avett Brothers.

Digging PicMonkey and this post from Cranny + B explaining what it can do.

Feeling newly curious about Columbus, Ohio thanks to Angela’s recap post.

Made these without the chocolate and loved them.

Watched our friend Carrie make these and then went home to make them again the next day. Easy, fast, quinoa chocolate cake (I’d say the brownies are more cake-like than not). Who knew?

Wanting to make this and these and these.

Shanna Mallon

Shanna Mallon started Food Loves Writing back in 2008, as a way to remember her grandma and write about her life through food. Since then it's become a place leading her to a lifestyle of eating whole foods, a new home in Nashville and the love of her life, Tim. Follow Shanna on Twitter @foodloves, keep up with Food Loves Writing on Facebook and stay inspired with the monthly newsletter.

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  1. Jacqui

    lovely, lovely, lovely.

  2. Emma Galloway

    Aww, so glad you like the chocolate slice! xx

  3. Joanna

    So glad you liked them. Although I have to admit: I’ve never once thought of taking chocolate out of a recipe. :)

    I’m glad you had a great weekend!

  4. Lan | angry asian

    i am currently listening to the avett brothers, so looking fwd to seeing them this month!
    i made delciously organic’s choc chip cookies. they were so SO GOOD.
    right now, i am inspired to attempt gluten free baking. my darling has a condition & we’re seeing if we take out gluten from our diets if it will help. i am hopeful.
    loved seeing your weekend thru instagram and here.

    1. Shannalee

      Ah! That is IT. I have to have to have to make those cookies this week. If I had the ingredients already, I would leave this screen to do it NOW.

  5. Rach

    I love Rebbeka too. Twice! You see, that is the highest, nicest compliment.

  6. Laura

    Thanks Shanna! So sweet of you. I’ve also been drooling over Emma’s chocolate and date slice. Just seeing your version here has shot it right to the top of my list. Fantastic!

  7. sarah

    What a great list! So many good things on it. And I love your bowling alley pictures.

  8. Ashley

    I loved the links – I found a few blogs I hadn’t seen before. I wouldn’t mind seeing something like this more often.

    1. Shannalee

      Thanks for saying so, Ashley. It’s so helpful to hear that kind of feedback. Thanks!

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