Tim and I have been drinking a lot of fresh-squeezed juice lately, ever since my parents bought and sent us the citrus press of our dreams a week or two ago.


It’s fantastic. We’ve had grapefruit juice. Orange juice. Grapefruit orange juice. Grapefruit lime, orange lime, grapefruit orange lime. And I tell you, every time we sip a new glass, it’s one of those “ah!” moments where you just can’t help but say out loud how good, how sweet, how completely perfect, the thing you’re drinking is.

grapefruit juiced citrus

That last sentence, the one where I say we can’t help but talk about how much we love our juice, is kind of funny, I think. Because the truth is, as you know from that last post, most of the time and with most things, I feel like it’s the exact opposite: It is work for me to notice benefits. It is a fight to see how we’ve been dealt with bountifully.

juiced grapefruit

Tim and I were just saying the other night how, no matter where you are in life or what you have, there’s always something to get down about. Our natural bent is to want—to get a house that you love and are so excited about, but in a few years or maybe a few months, want a house that’s newer or older or bigger or different; to buy a new outfit, but quickly see it become an old outfit, and want a new one; to have an amazing dinner and want another, better one; to love your new juicer and fresh-squeezed juice enough to “ah” one morning, but then quickly move on the next.

It’s so natural, so innate to notice what we lack. It’s so unnatural, so not innate to offer up a sacrifice of praise.

grapefruit juice

I asked on Twitter and Facebook the other day, If you could only pick ONE, which is the blog you always look for updates from? Which one is your all-around fav?

I asked because I’ve realized, although I follow over 100 different blogs, on topics ranging from food to couponing to photography, the ones I most look forward to are the ones that are good at praise, good at being thankful; the ones that focus on simple joys; that lift me upwards.

Because I need that kind of refreshing, healing voice. Because I want to be it.

So while I think on that a little more, I thought I’d share some of my favorite spots on the Web lately, some new and some not:

  • Honey and Salt: I’ve been reading Joanna’s blog for a long while–long enough that we’re now real-life friends who write real-life letters even beyond the blog world. But I get excited every time she posts (every time!) because I know I’m going to hear a voice rooted in Truth (can’t stop thinking about this post on wanting) and filled with gratitude. She is literally the most thankful person I’ve ever known.
  • Katie’s Pencil Box: My sister-in-law first told me about this blog, which linked us to a blog that linked us to our amazing (!) engagement photographer back in May, but today, I find myself checking for regular updates because every single gorgeous, stunningly photographed, remarkably simple post reminds me of the beauty in the everyday.
  • Happy Jack Eats: Oh, Jacqui. How I miss her. More than anyone I’ve ever known, Jacqui makes thoughtful writing seem effortless. Truly effortless. Plus, she is a killer film photographer (who took shots at our wedding, including one of my all-time favorites of the day), and the way she sees things makes me notice details more. I love hearing her voice because it is just like her: gracious.

So tell me, where are you being uplifted today?

Shanna Mallon

Shanna Mallon started Food Loves Writing back in 2008, as a way to remember her grandma and write about her life through food. Since then it's become a place leading her to a lifestyle of eating whole foods, a new home in Nashville and the love of her life, Tim. Follow Shanna on Twitter @foodloves, keep up with Food Loves Writing on Facebook and stay inspired with the monthly newsletter.

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  1. Jacqui

    You! Dear you. I miss you, too. Hugs from here.

    1. Shannalee

      : )

  2. Lan

    i know i commented on your FB page with a few of my faves but i thought about it some more:
    i enjoy wendy’s lookbook for the fashion/hair inspiration (tho truth be told, the clothes are a bit too dressy/flashy for me) but she is so cute.
    love: eat this poem because it brings me back to my creative writing and lit classes in college.
    my darling lemon thyme is perfect for me in that it’s generally dairy free, organic and she is married to a vietnamese man so sometime she posts asian recipes. WIN!
    last is movita beaucoup because she plays right into my sense humor but still is refreshing and accessible.

    1. Shannalee

      Lan! I enjoy Wendy’s Lookbook, too! I don’t follow her regularly, but I’ve caught her several times on Pinterest and usually like her ideas. Off to check your other recommendations now. Thanks!

  3. Tim

    Great post. And, I love that first photo!

    1. Shannalee

      I love YOU.

  4. Gina

    I LOVE your pictures on here they look great! Love my Breville! 😉

    1. Shannalee

      Thanks, Gina! You were our Breville inspiration! : )

  5. Joanna

    You ARE that uplifting, clarifying voice. Time after time I’ve come here to soak up your thoughts and be inspired to be a little bit better myself. You’re a must-read for me, whether it’s here, on Facebook, on Twitter, or on paper.

    And thank you for your endless kind words!

    1. Shannalee

      you are nice.

  6. Mildred

    Hi Shannalee,
    I don’t remember how I stumbled upon your site, but I just wanted you to know that I love your fresh & healthy ideas and your beautiful pictures but most of all I love your faith in Christ and how you point to the Creator. Thanks for sharing with us all. I homeschool my 6 kids and reading your posts is a refreshing break in the afternoon. :)

    1. Shannalee

      Such a kind comment–thank you, Mildred! A refreshing break is exactly what I hope to be. Thank you for reading!

  7. Stephanie, The Recipe Renovator

    How wonderful to find your site, and to see others who seek to uplift. Thanks!

    1. Shannalee

      Glad to find you, too, Stephanie!

  8. talley

    That juice sounds so good! I always seem to want something – the new ipad, a food processor, a new camera – and it is somehow harder than it should be to separate want from need. Great post and beautiful photos and thanks for sharing some of your favorite blogs, I always love adding more to my list. There are so many good ones these days.

    1. Shannalee

      Me too, Talley. It’s just so natural to want! And the thing is, it’s not like we should never want, it’s just that we’re so much better at wanting than at enjoying what we have (or at least, I am). That’s what kills me. Anyway, thanks for your sweet comment, and you’re so right: there are SO many good blogs these days!

  9. Emma @ Poires au Chocolat

    Just come over from twitter because of Nikki’s #FF – you’ve got such a lovely blog, I’m glad I came :)

    This juice looks delicious – my mum freshly juices all sorts of oranges and clementines and so on every day – we drink it before breakfast. She’s done it for about 17 years! I really miss it when I’m not with her – it never tastes the same if I do it (plus I’m scared of my citrus juicer).

    As far as favourite blogs, I think the ones I am most excited about when I see an update are Tea & Cookies, yummy supper, happyolks and Desserts for Breakfast.

    1. Shannalee

      I just love the idea of juicing every day. What a sweet tradition!

      Great blog choices, BTW. I love Happy Yolks, and our innkeeper on our recent Atlanta getaway said Desserts for Breakfast is her all-time fav, too!

  10. Susan

    What gorgeous photos! We have a variety of citrus ripeningon our trees right now – including a pink navel orange which is so pretty inside!

    Thanks, too, for sharing your favorite websites – there’s always something new to discover “out there!”

    1. Shannalee

      Your own pink navel orange tree! Oh, Susan, I’m so jealous!

  11. rachel

    Oooo i really love the photo of that citrus

    1. Shannalee

      Thanks, Rae!

  12. Ingrid

    I adore your blog! It is one of my favourites – you write so beautifully and your photographs always make me smile.

    1. Shannalee

      What a sweet comment, Ingrid. Thank you!

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