T-Shirt Giveaway!

[This giveaway has ended! The winner has been contacted.]

These days, it’s rare I post more than once a week, but today, it’s for a giveaway!


Thanks to Fibers.com (website | Facebook | Twitter), one reader of this blog will receive a $30 voucher for the Fibers shirt of their choice–you could opt for the baby blue “feed me avocados” v-neck I got, which is tucked in among their¬†food t-shirts (and pinned on my “things I like” board on Pinterest), or you could go with something else, even design your own shirt–your choice.

I loved the style of my shirt as soon as I saw it online, and now in person, I love how soft the 100% cotton is and how comfortable and roomy it feels (I got a medium).


So Here’s How to Enter (one entry each, possible total of 3 entries):

Entries will be accepted through 9 p.m. CST on Monday, March 26, and the winner will be contacted via email (so include a working email address in your comment!).


  1. says

    This is beyond perfect for my avocado-loving, soft/worn t-shirt-loving. v-neck-wearing husband! At 6 months, we’re still in the honeymoon stage of things, and I would love to supplement a simple “I love you” with this bomb-diggity “feed me avocados” shirt.

    Plus, if the cut is too “women’s” for him, AWESOME SHIRT FOR ME.

  2. says

    Welp, I already subscribe to and like FLW on Facebook, and you know I love that avocado shirt! :) I think if you got a M, I’d have to get a L. You are a tiny girl!

  3. Anna Jackura says

    I’m a runner and I love the shirts about running, but I do love me some avocado, so it’s a toss-up.

  4. says

    Avocados are one of those foods that make the world a nicer place. I would be super excited to share my love of this bright green food by wearing a t-shirt as cute as this one.
    Love your writing and this inspirational blog. Crossing my fingers that I win the shirt! brooke.mcdonald@hope.edu

  5. Marisa says

    I’ve liked all the fb and subscribed to this page- I’ve really liked your posts so far…. And the “cereal killer” pun always cracks me up… Although I think my favorite is that avocado shirt you got!

  6. Rachel Walton says

    My husband and I make this amazing guacamole Salvadoran recipe that we got from my sister-in-law (who is from El Salvador). We go through avocados like there’s no tomorrow and our 17 month old girl can eat an entire batch single-handedly! I love this shirt!

  7. Lauren says

    Great giveaway and love the blog! I’m lovin’ the cereal killer shirt on fiber.com. Would love to get it! : )

  8. Lindsay says

    I love the shirt you chose! I think I’d pick the same one. And I’m heading over to FB now to “like” you there too :)

  9. Alyse Fielder says

    My favorite ( and this was hard to choose):
    I am a cat lover and I love to run.

  10. Bobbi Anderson says

    I might have to get my Daughter the Rawr means i love you in dinosaur : ) SO cute! Or i love the recycle one!

    Thanks for offering this. OH and your post on the tumeric hot chocolate inspired me to buy some recently : )

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