Guest Post from Carrie of Deliciously Organic!

(I'm married, can you believe it?!? While I'm away on my honeymoon, sweet Carrie from Deliciously Organic volunteered to tell you a little bit of her story here. I love Carrie's perspective on food and I love getting to feature her. Read more about her at If you had two girls, under the age of two, and your husband, a fighter pilot, was flying cover during a war in Iraq, would you be thinking about converting your diet to organic, whole foods? I wasn't. My life had enough stress without another distraction. But, that's what happened in 2003. Two years earlier, after the birth of my second daughter, I began having daily migraines. I was 25. As migraines often are, they were both baffling and debilitating. They started with the birth of my first daughter, but were infrequent and not as severe. I often had to lie down in a quiet dark room, which was almost impossible with toddlers to care for. I was taking several medications to manage the pain just … [Read more...]

Spelt Belgian Waffles [+ a new blog design!]

A few days after I came back from Oregon, one night while Tim and I were working side by side, I told him I didn't know if I wanted to blog anymore. It was weird---not just because we're in the midst of working and talking about wedding plans but because I love blogging. I'd be the first to tell you there's nothing like the feeling of sitting down to write precisely what you want to say, organizing the chaos of life into cohesive sentences and paragraphs, feeling that satisfaction of yes! that is what I mean! when you hit publish and receiving feedback in the form of comments from people who have become your friends. But I'd wrestled with these thoughts while I was in Oregon, surrounded by big bloggers with book deals, international press trips, specified knowledge so out of my world that they'd literally left me speechless when they talked, and really, I'd been thinking about it before then. I find new blogs I like every week. I'm so impressed by the talent---by bloggers who … [Read more...]

A Weekend with Travel Oregon

You could go to Oregon for the natural beauty---the majestic mountains, the thick woods, the rivers, the flowers, the waterfalls, the streams. You could go for the history---maybe to see the Timberline Lodge, a towering structure built in the 1930s as a product of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal policies, and to stand under its 98-foot-tall fireplace constructed mostly by Italian immigrants. You could go, as part of a blogger weekend, to meet new people---to hear about their passions; to be exposed to new stories; and to then come home, after a few days with them, with a whole list of new blogs to read, while you think more about the world of blogging and bloggers and how/when/why you want to continue yourself. People like: Kind and friendly Andrew from Eating Rules Fascinating and inspiring chef/traveler/urban gardener Janelle from Talk of Tomatoes The always lovely Danielle from Beyond the Plate (aka, the most beautiful blog … [Read more...]

Fennel Nettle Iced Tea

Today is September 2. September 2! Tim and I are getting married in 44 days, as in next month, six weeks from tomorrow. Yesterday, September 1, I went to a dress fitting. I stood in front of a wall of mirrors and looked at myself, standing next to a tall blonde woman with a thick European accent who tried to sell me a $350 veil, and I thought, look at me! I'm wearing a big, white dress! And then I thought, look at me? I'm wearing a big, white dress? Tim comes over most nights and we make dinner together. Wednesday, it was brown rice pasta covered in olive oil, chopped heirloom tomatoes and lime basil (thank you, Angela!), hunks of sheep's milk feta that melted into a cheesy sauce, salt and pepper. Last night, it was a roast chicken and broccoli, and now I have stock simmering on the stove. After we eat, we sit on the air mattress I have set up in my living room as our makeshift sofa, and we watch TV on the flat-screen my brother gave us (!!) and fall asleep until a show ends and … [Read more...]

Door-to-Door Organics (Chicago)

Tim and I came up to Chicago last Friday, here to spend a week with my family, and in that time, we have already been given so many gifts---at a beautiful wedding shower thrown for us Saturday, in presents for my birthday today, and, yesterday, through a complimentary box of organic produce delivered to my parents' door. The last thing was kind of a crazy story: Door-to-Door had contacted me a few weeks ago, thinking I still lived in Chicago, which is one of the five regions where they deliver food, among Colorado, Kansas City, Michigan and Out East---and when they couldn't send a box to my new home, they said they would be happy to send one to my parents' place the next time I was in town. It just so happened we'd be in town this month, and it just so happened it would be for my birthday. So it was that, just like last year with the Talenti gelato, I received something wonderful and free, almost like a birthday gift, delivered to my doorstep. Here is what it held: Wow, … [Read more...]

super easy oat bread

Here's the thing no one tells you about change: it affects you, and in ways you might not plan for. Every day, we're surrounded by the details of our life, be they people or objects or geography, and, even when it's by your own choice, when you start moving around a lot of those details---whether city, job, church, relationships, house, diet, marital status or say, all of those things---it can unexpectedly, out of nowhere, hit you hard. Because when enough things around you begin to disappear, you may start to feel like you will, too. This, as you already know, is a post about how I moved last week. It's the story of how I left an adorable house in East Nashville that I shared with three roommates, a house I only moved into in February and had barely settled into, packed up all of my Tennessee belongings (there aren't many) and together with Tim and one of our good friends, moved to another side of town. This new house is nice. It has built-in bookshelves and … [Read more...]

an update from around here

Hello, friends. Since you sweet people are always so quick to share my joy in big life changes (becoming self-employed, relocating to Nashville, getting engaged, staying self-employed), I thought you might like to hear about the latest change: I moved on Tuesday. Sometime soon, we'll talk about how that's been going, as well as about a crazy-awesome bread recipe I just tried and photographed and only wish I could make time to post about today. But for now, I leave you with just this: the promise of pictures to come, the whirlwind of moving forward and, a photo of my sweet little living room, totally empty but for a lamp. … [Read more...]