Door-to-Door Organics (Chicago)

Tim and I came up to Chicago last Friday, here to spend a week with my family, and in that time, we have already been given so many gifts---at a beautiful wedding shower thrown for us Saturday, in presents for my birthday today, and, yesterday, through a complimentary box of organic produce delivered to my parents' door. The last thing was kind of a crazy story: Door-to-Door had contacted me a few weeks ago, thinking I still lived in Chicago, which is one of the five regions where they deliver food, among Colorado, Kansas City, Michigan and Out East---and when they couldn't send a box to my new home, they said they would be happy to send one to my parents' place the next time I was in town. It just so happened we'd be in town this month, and it just so happened it would be for my birthday. So it was that, just like last year with the Talenti gelato, I received something wonderful and free, almost like a birthday gift, delivered to my doorstep. Here is what it held: Wow, … [Read more...]

super easy oat bread

Here's the thing no one tells you about change: it affects you, and in ways you might not plan for. Every day, we're surrounded by the details of our life, be they people or objects or geography, and, even when it's by your own choice, when you start moving around a lot of those details---whether city, job, church, relationships, house, diet, marital status or say, all of those things---it can unexpectedly, out of nowhere, hit you hard. Because when enough things around you begin to disappear, you may start to feel like you will, too. This, as you already know, is a post about how I moved last week. It's the story of how I left an adorable house in East Nashville that I shared with three roommates, a house I only moved into in February and had barely settled into, packed up all of my Tennessee belongings (there aren't many) and together with Tim and one of our good friends, moved to another side of town. This new house is nice. It has built-in bookshelves and … [Read more...]

an update from around here

Hello, friends. Since you sweet people are always so quick to share my joy in big life changes (becoming self-employed, relocating to Nashville, getting engaged, staying self-employed), I thought you might like to hear about the latest change: I moved on Tuesday. Sometime soon, we'll talk about how that's been going, as well as about a crazy-awesome bread recipe I just tried and photographed and only wish I could make time to post about today. But for now, I leave you with just this: the promise of pictures to come, the whirlwind of moving forward and, a photo of my sweet little living room, totally empty but for a lamp. … [Read more...]

Almond Thumbprint Cookies (no flour!)

Nothing says simplicity like reducing your diet to fruit, vegetables, meat, and dairy for a week---which is exactly what we did recently, when we temporarily cut out grains and sugar from our daily meals (even the good kinds). In the beginning, I felt hungry, but by the end, I felt fantastic. And today, whenever I eat something sweet, I start craving a vegetable. I see that as a very good thing. So last Saturday, it was in the midst of this experiment that we were planning a movie (Super 8!)/dinner (Silly Goose!) date with good friends and wanted to bring something to snack on. If you're also the type to sneak treats in at the movie theater, I'm sure you've been where we were: you want something easy to transport in your bag, easy to share, totally non-sticky, and totally appropriate with the jug of water you've also got shoved in your purse. So for us, this usually means cookies. The only problem last week was that meant a cookie without flour (or at least … [Read more...]