peanut butter chocolate milk

I told Tim the other day, you know, the best things in life really are free. ____ Like sunlight in the morning: And sunsets at night: Parks filled with trees: Views like these: A day at the lake: And the man that I love: I mean, I don't know about you, but I need to be reminded of this. Because, as much as I talk about simplicity here, the truth is: I am easily swept away into opinions and concerns that are anything but. That's why I'm starting a new series here at the blog (in life?) focused on simplicity---starting with a recipe that's so easy, it's honestly ridiculous. Those of you who wanted more Vitamix recipes, here you go! Those of you who don't have a Vitamix, a regular blender still works. Behold: time-tested, always delicious, peanut butter chocolate milk. … [Read more...]

roasted tomato toasts (+ an update on self-employment!)

Somewhere in the midst of the last two weeks---nestled right in amongst planning a wedding, looking for a place to live, climbing (up ropes! for my first! time! ever!) at Cummins Falls, watching fireworks, meeting and spending time with the very lovely Joanna and Brad (and feeling like we've been friends a long time), attending a Vitamix party, getting my car's brakes fixed, and making two batches of coconut macaroons---I hit a pretty important milestone: For those of you who've been with me on this entire journey, you'll know it's something worth celebrating, which is exactly what I intend to do with this post: as of this month, I've been self-employed for an entire year. Milestones have a way of making you think about things, if you know what I mean. You look back, you look forward, you compare where you are with where you've been, with where you thought you'd be. A year into something, you have a better perspective than you did two months in. And so, a year into working … [Read more...]