a frittata-inspired pep talk

failed frittata

The above frittata took from me five eggs, three stalks of red chard, half a zucchini, a block of feta, an onion, some garlic and a tablespoon of coconut oil, and what did it give back in return?

A giant, sloppy mess.
With browned edges.
And rose-colored liquid all over the counter.

In short, DISASTER.

Now can I be honest with you? People, I have days (ok, weeks) like that frittata, and I don’t mean in the kitchen. There are times (recent times) where I feel like I’m investing a lot of hours, energy, effort, what-have-you into something (say, self-employment), expecting certain results, and when those results don’t come: DISASTER! Panic! Stay out of my way!

It’s not pretty. Again, kind of like that frittata.

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(My Kind of) Curried Chicken Salad

chicken salad sandwich

Chicken salad is the #1 thing I don’t order at restaurants.

And I think this makes perfect sense.

I mean, first of all, who wants chicken salad when you can get a tomato mozzarella panini or a sandwich with basil pesto or heck, a juicy burger made from locally sourced meat?

But second, and even more importantly, chicken salad is what you call a risky food. Trust me: bad chicken salad is bad. Like, rip-your-mouth-out bad. B-A-D bad. Three years ago, the last time I ordered it in a restaurant that I remember, I was up the whole night afterward, sick. Violently sick. And the next day, when I called the manager of said dining establishment to let him know, he didn’t believe me.

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