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****Update: This contest has ended and the winners have been contacted. Thanks to everyone who participated!******

Man, I loved reading your answers on that last post. You people are awesome. So I’ve been thinking, you know what’s even better than fascinating discussions about weather vs. food?

Free stuff for your kitchen!

That’s right. It’s time for a giveaway.

smart blenderle creuset stock pot
Image credits: Cookware.com

The nice people at Cookware.com—a sister site of racksandstands.com, where you can find can find all kinds of stuff, from an entertainment center to a corner TV stand—are letting me giving away two items!

    HOW TO ENTER: (3 possible max entries)

  • Subscribe (existing subscribers are also eligible!) and e-mail me the secret word from the RSS feed.
  • Became a fan (existing subscribers are also eligible!) of Food Loves Writing on Facebook and e-mail me to let me know you’re a fan.
  • Comment on this post and tell me your middle name.

  • The contest starts NOW and ends midnight CST, Saturday, April 24.
  • The contest is only open to US residents.
  • The winners will be selected via a random number generator and contacted via e-mail Sunday, with instructions for coordinating their prize shipment, mailed out through Cookware.com.
  • No purchase is necessary.
  • I will choose the winners from the qualified participants. I am the sole judge of adding entries to the list. Plagiarized content, trackback from splogs, spams, non-goal oriented comments, and comments containing abusive or inappropriate languages will not be considered.
  • To award the prize, I must be able to contact you via the e-mail address you write from and/or provide. Your contact information will not be shared with anyone else (excepting, of course, Cookware.com, for the winner).
  • Winners must reply within 1 week from the time notified to claim prize. Otherwise, he or she forfeits the prize, and it will be awarded to an alternate.

Shanna Mallon

Shanna Mallon started Food Loves Writing back in 2008, as a way to remember her grandma and write about her life through food. Since then it's become a place leading her to a lifestyle of eating whole foods, a new home in Nashville and the love of her life, Tim. Follow Shanna on Twitter @foodloves, keep up with Food Loves Writing on Facebook and stay inspired with the monthly newsletter.

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  1. amy

    I am a fan on facebook and my middle name means “Pure Jade”

  2. Brittany

    My middle name is Summer.

  3. Kimberly


  4. Bella @ Cupycakey

    I am a Facebook Fan. Or now they say “Like”…what is that?? I’m a super fan!

  5. Bella @ Cupycakey

    Middle Name: Rae {what were they thinking…LOL}

  6. Bella @ Cupycakey

    I subscribed via Feed Demon but did not receive a secret word {cool idea though}. Not sure how you will be able to count this entry. All I see is your partial feed

  7. Julie

    My middle name is Michelle.

  8. Mary

    My middle name is Ann

  9. Kim

    Ooh congrats on your cookware.com giveaway! Those folks are awesome! :-) And my middle name is Joyce (my two female cousins who are around my age have the same middle name, after my grandma’s sister who passed away at a young age).

  10. Julia

    my middle name is Ritz. like the crackers… or the hotel :)

  11. Lisa


  12. Lisa


  13. Jen


  14. Laura


  15. AnnaLyon

    I have no middle name… can I be in anyway, pleaaaase?

  16. Emily

    I’m a big fan and my middle name is Myrta. Anyone’s weirder than that? haha

  17. kiya


  18. Laura

    My middle name is Anne.

  19. Kim Shenberger

    Marie. When it comes to cooking, my kids call me Marie now–a la Marie Barone– because everything I cook tastes best ‘because of the love.’ LOL

    (BTW, I am NOT an interfering mother in law or a smothering mother; I’m just the matron of the kitchen!)

  20. carmen

    My middle name is Hai-Ying (it’s my Chinese name).

  21. Candi


  22. Michele

    I am already an email subscriber, and my middle name is Anne. Thanks for the chance to win! Michele

  23. Niki

    I am a subscriber, but there was no secret word, only a partial feed. I emailed you anyways :) Also, I am a fan on FB and my middle name is Anna.

  24. Megan


  25. Megan

    Alexis. I am also a subscriber, but there was no secret word. I am also a fan on

  26. Megan

    *I am a fan on facebook. Love your blog!!!

  27. Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary


  28. Emily

    I’m a fan on facebook. Middle name: Erin. I used to hate it, but now I love it.

  29. Savi

    I don’t have a middle name!

  30. heather

    ayn. as in ayn rand, my parents’ favorite author at the time i was born. unique. i love it. what’s yours?



  31. Jess

    My middle name is Theresa.

    (I’m also a subscriber, but I didn’t see a secret word either. Hm.)

  32. Kelley

    It’s Kelley Sue … and my mom sang it to the tune of “Peggy Sue” for years. :)

  33. Jacqui

    I love hearing people’s middle names! Mine’s Jean.

  34. Cristina

    My middle name is also Ann!

  35. codfish

    Lynn. 😉

  36. Jenny

    my middle name is Dawn

  37. isicilian

    My Name is Marianna. They couldn’t find a middle name for me. I was born in Sicily and normally middle names where either Maria or Anna. I had both in my first name, so they gave up.

  38. Hooshna

    My middle name is Yazdi (my Dad’s name) :)

  39. Kate

    Mine is Hill – both a family name and a landform. Woo!

    Thanks for such a great site!

  40. Kendra @ My First Kitchen

    Renee. I’m stoked for June.

  41. Christopher

    Michael. The most common boys name in america is Michael. Second place? Christopher. ah, originallity.
    My mom originally wanted to name me Trojan Israel…not sure how that would have worked out.

  42. Adrienne

    Fiance’s middle name is Gaylord. But shhhh, don’t tell him. He’ll kill me :)

  43. Val

    My middle name is Jo. After Little Women. But I always hated it growing up because it was a boy’s name.

  44. Ali


  45. Rebecca

    My middle name is Rose!

  46. Josie

    My Middle name is Virginia – yup, like the state :)

  47. Sarah C

    I’m subscribed, but don’t see a secret word!

  48. Sarah C

    Thanks for the great giveaway, by the way, and I’m also your fan on FB.

  49. Maddie

    My middle name is Sarah, which I hope is cool enough to give me a chance at that stick blender! Ever since you told me I could make smoothies with them, I’ve been having weird dreams about kitchen appliances.

  50. Lan

    i am fan on FB.
    my middle name was Lan which is a vietnamese orchid and when i became an American citizen i switched my first and middle names so now it’s Phuong, which means Fragrant (or smelly). now my name doesn’t quite make sense but i like to say it’s “Orchid Stink”

  51. sara


  52. Alicia

    Wow, people really love your blog! Middle name is Maureen, and I’m a fan on Facebook :)

  53. Becky

    Peyton Anne 😉

  54. Sarah C

    My middle name, you say? “Elisabeth” – so my name means, “Princess Consecrated to God”

  55. Mare s

    My middle name is Eileen

  56. jordan

    i am about to become a fan on fb. my middle name is ashley. :)

  57. Ancy

    No middle name..:)

  58. Vicki

    I’m already a fan on Facebook. My middle name is Lynn.

  59. lisa


  60. Elisabeth Rew

    My Middle Name is Marie :)

  61. Linda Thompson

    I subscribe, am a fan, and my middle name is Ann. (Wow, that rhymes!)

  62. Jennifer


  63. Beth

    Anne? No, wait…now it’s my maiden name–Brown. What happened to Anne? It’s a mystery.

  64. Hannah

    I love this giveaway, Shanna! I’d subscribe, but um, I don’t use any kind of reader. They overwhelm me! hahah.

    My middle name is Leigh! Good middle name to have. 😉

  65. Jena Marie

    My middle name is Marie. I liked how it flows with my first name so much that I typically go by Jena Marie. :)

  66. Jessica

    Middle name: Mary. And I’m a subscriber!!! I’m dying for that hand mixer.

  67. Tammy

    I’m a subscriber and my middle name is SUE!

  68. Wendi


  69. Sharon

    My middle name is Jean–for my mom’s delivery room nurse!

  70. Sarah Kate Branine

    my middle name is Kathryn. but Steve calls me Kate;-)

  71. Chris Guevara

    Michael. I just think my mother liked the name.

  72. Jenny

    It’s Lynne. Jenny Lynne – way too cute for the rough woman I became… :)

  73. Mindee

    My middle name is Leigh.

  74. Angela@spinachtiger

    My middle name is Marie, as in Angela Marie.
    Look forward to winning.

  75. Angela@spinachtiger

    I am an email subscriber. Not sure how to find the secret word.

  76. Kelli Reihart

    My middle name is Denise, the female version of Dennis, which was my father’s name, his father’s name, and my brother’s name. Phew!

  77. Karen

    Love your site,recipes, AND your beautiful food photography!
    My middle name is Elizabeth.

  78. jessiev

    what a Great giveaway!! middle name, carol. :)

  79. Susan

    My middle name is Trang. It’s vietnamese!

  80. Sheena

    My middle name is Rae:)

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