Goodbye, 2009! You’ve been a good year. Not just because of the places we went:

take me to DC 4 days in maine 5 days in colorado day in the country in Indiana Chicago food tour adam’s birthday in the city getaway to galena

or all the new restaurants we tried:

uncle bub’s in westmont omega spacca napoli brunch at the bristol breakfast at blueberry hill café bonaparte in georgetown pizza at burt’s place milk and honey harners duchamp

or all the food we made (and this is just some of it):

marshmallows cream of spinach soup hoemamde bread all kinds of slice and bakes apple chips pot roast chocolate granola cereal kelley’s banana bread brownies pizza dough roasted red potatoes chocolate panna cotta lemon baby potatoes stracciatella ice milk lemon cookies cookie-dough brownies salted caramel cupcakes homemade chips bluberry buttermilk pancakes cream of celery root and apple soup grandma’s wedding cake recipe cream of pistachio soup fast chocolate cake sugar cookie cake carrot slaw kale chips carrot soup homemade chocolate truffles hershey’s chocolate cake homemade ketchup milk, cinnamon and honey ice cream banana pudding artichokes delicious homemade granola caramel cake roasted asparagus with walnut crema easy almond toffee crunchies brown butter cookies asparagus and mozzarella omelette hasselback potatoes homemade BBQ sauce yogurt parfait strawberry-rhubarb crumble coconut citrus pancakes cole slaw crock pot stew salad vegan ice creams homemade caramels Flour’s banana bread easy homemade pizza dough asparagus salad individual monkey breads THE coffee cake Jamaican jerk recipe kit orange sherbet alphabet cookies POM cupcakes corn chowder roasted green beans with lemon and garlic roasted beets scalloped tomatoes easiest cake ever my favorite banana bread cinnamon swirl bread dark chocolate cookies Minnie beasley’s cookies apple tart cake lemon sage chicken apple cider doughnuts angel hair with braised kale chocolate peanut butter cookies roasted acorn squash baked apples Brussels sprouts with bacon homemade granola bars banana bread waffles homemade chocolate puddings cherry cream cheese spread balsamic chicken with roasted potatoes and roasted asparagus

but because this was the first full calendar year that Food Loves Writing has been around, one in which we had a party and not only traveled and ate and cooked and photographed but also, got to know so many of you.

Food Loves Writing Goals for 2010:

  1. Less white sugar: I credit the new-to-me Eat Today to Live Tomorrow blog for getting me thinking about this one, which has only been affirmed by all the research I’ve done online.
  2. Likewise, more whole-foods cooking: The CSA I participated in last year was a good start towards understanding where my food comes from and eating more responsibly. The only problem was that even a half share was a lot of vegetables for me, so this year, I’m going to take that same money I invested in the CSA and try to buy the freshest, most healthy produce I can find. I’m fascinated by the concept of eating food as close to natural as possible, and sites like 101 Cookbooks and Sprouted Kitchen are giving me all kinds of specific ideas for making this happen.
  3. Advertising I believe in: Technically this is a December change, but I plan to continue it through 2010, allowing the advertising sidebar to only showcase products and companies I support.
  4. Project 365! (yes, again) I really, really want to stick with it this year—one photo a day, every day for a year. I’ve even started a group for fellow food bloggers doing this on Flickr.

What about you?

Shanna Mallon

Shanna Mallon started Food Loves Writing back in 2008, as a way to remember her grandma and write about her life through food. Since then it's become a place leading her to a lifestyle of eating whole foods, a new home in Nashville and the love of her life, Tim. Follow Shanna on Twitter @foodloves, keep up with Food Loves Writing on Facebook and stay inspired with the monthly newsletter.

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  1. Kate

    Goooo Shannalee!! 365! You can do it :-) I’m so excited to see everyone’s photos starting Jan 1.

    BTW this year end wrap up is gorgeous! I hope it didn’t take hours and hours to make all those thumbnails!

  2. Anne

    oh the 356 project might be a goal of mine too. I am looking for fresh & new.

  3. kate

    I’m in with P365 too. I keep repeating ‘Through the Lens in 2010″ to myself to implant it in my brain. I start tomorrow!!!

    I’ve been blessed by finding your blog a few months back. It has definitely given me some delicious things to see, and to read. Onward to the new year, with plenty of tantalizing food and words.

  4. Cate

    I’m contemplating Project 365…it seems so intimidating but I think I have to just jump in and do it.
    Happy New Year!

  5. rachel

    cool . i like the look of the thumbnails. Did you make a collage or how?

    my goals would have to be… meal planning and buying in bulk… and shopping less– like only once every two weeks…. it has been very frustrating for me with budgeting for 7 …4 picky kids..(cause Victor is so NOT picky) having to pack meals for the husband for work….etc…. and cooking things i dont prefer.. like mac n cheese…. and hot dogs….

    i love coming to your blog cause it makes me feel like what i would be trying to cook If I had time or people with a similar palate around me…

    I mean love the pics of the brussel sprouts.. but can you imagine?!!? my family would hate me!! ahhaaa…..

    i love you shannnnna!!!!!!!

  6. Susan

    What a year! I think one of my resolutions will be to try out the recipes from my favorite food blogs more often (like yours). I too want to integrate healthier food into my life I just never know how to do it in a way that fits into my schedule. I look forward to seeing you reach that goal and am hoping to get some ideas.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Misty

    Happy New Year! I’m a newcomer to your blog and look forward to see what happens next year. My big resolution is to become a better photographer, so thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Kim

    Wow – what a post! I am impressed with the way you put up all those pictures/links to previous posts…that must have taken a lot of time! Just goes to show all you new readers the kind of care and love Shanna pours into this blog. Shannalee, I am so glad to have gotten to know you over the last few years, and your blog is certainly one of the highlights of my day! I am inspired by your recipes, even if I don’t always get around to making them myself. Have a wonderful and happy New Year!

  9. Lauren

    Places, restaurants and great food? What more can you ask for? Your goals for 2010 look fantastic! All the best in the New Year =D.

  10. jacqui

    happy new year! my goals aren’t too different from yours: to keep up with project 365 (we can do it! we can!) and to eat fresher, seasonal produce. every time i cut into a tomato lately, i compare it to those perfect summer tomatoes straight from the garden and i sigh in disappointment. in 2010, i’m growing my own tomatoes! :)

  11. julie

    Wow! It’s amazing to see all of those little blocks of food, places, and restaurants! What a fun year. I have enjoyed following along with you! Keep it up!

  12. Shannalee

    Kate, I am so excited, too! It’s awesome that so many people are getting involved because hopefully that will help me stick with it, you know? Thanks for the encouragement!

    Anne, Do it! It’s at least worth trying, right?

    Kate, Thank you so much! And yay for another P365 photographer. I’m excited and nervous and hopeful!

    Cate, DO IT! Come on, join the bandwagon!

    Aw, Rachel, you crack me up. You and all those kiddos have a lot to teach me – I’ll have to pick your brain when I come visit. I’m sure it’s hard to find foods they all like, but you know, my friend Jacqui tells me how she liked vegetables even as a kid (and so did her two sisters!? what are the odds?), so there is hope!

    Susan, I totally understand what you mean. It’s hard when you’re busy. I think the key is planning probably, but even that feels like work when you’re already working and stuff. Here’s to a new year and steps towards what we’re trying to change! (and here’s to blog recipes! yay!)

    Misty, Great! Let’s become better photographers together! 2010 will be our year.

    Kim, You. Are. Amazing. Thank you for that very sweet comment and for your encouragement all along the way. It’s been so nice knowing you and following along with each other. To more of that in the year to come!

    Lauren, I agree! Thank you and Happy New Year!

    Jacqui, Awesome on the tomatoes! I am wondering if I could grow herbs in pots this spring. What do you think? I love the way you eat, btw. Remember when I was trying to talk you into sugar? Now I’m talking myself out. You were ahead of your times, my friend.

    Julie, Thank you so much, not just for that comment but for coming to the August party and for becoming such a blessing to know. I’ve enjoyed following along with you this last year, too.

  13. Elizabeth

    What a full (and delicious!) year you have had! I am with you on the less white sugar goal. I’ve been trying to incorporate that resolution for the last month or so and feeling better for it already!

  14. Shannalee

    Elizabeth, Oh, I’m so glad to be reaching towards less white sugar with you! Let me tell you, after a few weeks of less sugar, I got a caramel apple spice and Starbucks and was overwhelmed by it. my tastes are already changing! yay!

  15. jacqui

    i’m trying to discover my sweet tooth, and you’re trying to unsweeten your tooth? haha what weird dimension have we entered? and as for the herbs, definitely! i plan on growing potted basil on my balcony this summer, too.

  16. TJ

    Happy New Year! You did a LOT this year, huh? :)

  17. Kasey

    Happy New Year! So happy to have discovered your blog :)

  18. Tim

    Thanks for the shout. out. Shanna.

    @jacqui – I am totally with you. Store bought tomatoes are so disappointing.

  19. Shannalee

    Jacqui, Potted basil! Brilliant.

    TJ, Ha! It looks like that when I see it all grouped together, but it didn’t feel like much while the year was going on!

    Kasey, Thank you and Happy New Year to you!

    Tim, Absolutely!

  20. Gemma

    Love the round up. It looks great – you’ve had a busy year! I’m with you on the white sugar thing. I keep unrefined sugar in the house and whenever I have white sugar I am struck by how much sweeter it is. And you’ve just reminded me that I had planned to join 365 this year. Hmm. Maybe 4th Jan 2010 – 3rd Jan 2011? Happy new year!

  21. Shannalee

    Gemma, Yes! Hop in now – it’s not too late! I’m having so much fun with all the food bloggers participating. And yes also about the sugar – I totally agree.

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