2009 in review

Goodbye, 2009! You’ve been a good year. Not just because of the places we went: or all the new restaurants we tried: or all the food we made (and this is just some of it): 5948

Good Writes/Reads 2009

Merry Christmas, everyone! We had a nice, quiet day here at my parents’, but that’s not to say it was without its crises. For example: Have you ever roasted a stewing chicken? Well, don’t—just get yourself some rough cardboard to…

Hey, Take a Seat! It’s the Food Loves Writing FAQ!

You asked to see my kitchen; I’m giving you a peek. You asked for photo tips; I’m (reluctantly, awkwardly, remembering-there-are-many-much-much-better-authorities-on-this) offering a few. And you wondered how I eat so much without becoming enormous; OK, I’ll take that question on.…

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