Breakfast at Blueberry Hill

blueberry hill

Oh, boy. I have so much to tell you.

There’s the weather, of course, which we always talk about, and how yes, it’s been rainy, but I rather like the rain, and it doesn’t at all ruin spring for me (plus, it should be 80 degrees very soon!). Then there’s Uncle Lindy, and what a gift it was that he could recognize and talk to me when I visited Friday night, when he hugged me from his hospital bed and asked if I’d been baking those pies and cookies.

I should also tell you that, actually, there have been good gifts flowing from every side—losing power for over two hours at work on Monday meant great conversation with my coworker Alicia, as well as hot dogs from the Buona Beef nearby, while we stared out the windows and watched the rain; hearing how people have been losing their jobs has shown me the grace of their needs still being provided for; and some very good messages at my church this week have centered my thoughts on what is valuable.

But the thing is, tomorrow morning, I get on a plane bound for D.C., and I still have to figure out what to bring with me, which, when you consider weather, occasion, comfort and size of my carry-on luggage, feels a lot like a difficult science project, and I was never good at that sort of thing. On top of which, I’ve decided to start running again (I can’t believe I’m typing that, which means you’ll know if I give up), beginning last night, and I’m desperate to keep up with it, meaning I’ll try to go again today.

So instead of telling you about all those other things, I’m just going to tell you about this one: an adorable breakfast place in downtown La Grange, which I visited a few weekends ago.

This particular location is one of five in a chain of Blueberry Hill pancake houses, set in Darien, Aurora, Homewood and newly in Homer Glen. The menu is the glossy, colorful kind you have to stretch your arms out to read properly, which might be one reason the expanded dining area is jam-packed on a Saturday morning. Other reasons could be the service—my glass was never empty, and our plates were clearly very quickly; the location—right on the corner of La Grange Road and Harris Avenue, across from a public parking lot; and mostly, the portions. Oh, the portions!

I ordered an spinach-cheddar omelet that could easily have been my breakfast, lunch and dinner, complete with breakfast potatoes and three buttermilk pancakes. Also at our table were a burger, which was deemed one of the best, ever; and another omelet that was just as enormous as mine.

I’d go on further, but did I mention I have some packing to do? Instead, I’ll just leave you with these photos, and you can decide for yourself (but decide to go, because you should!). I’ll be back Monday, with lots to tell you about the trip and all the places we tried there, including hopefully a meet-up with my blogging friend Lan, who has felt like a real-life friend for quite a while. The way things have been going, I might even try to run while I’m there—why not? And I hope you’ll hold me to it.

Until then, have a great weekend but, oh, check back here Friday for one more post I’ve saved for you. Just because I won’t have Internet doesn’t mean I’ll forget about you. See you soon.



spinach and cheddar omelet


Blueberry Hill
Hours: 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.
49 S. La Grange Road
La Grange, Illinois
(708) 352-4900 phone
(708) 352-4901 fax


  1. says

    Hey you will be in my neck of the woods! It will get warmer as the week goes on with scattered showers here and there. Maybe? What do they know though. Have a great visit. DC is a great eating town.

  2. says

    Have a fantastic time in D.C.! Your photos of the food from Blueberry Hill look amazing, too. I need to find some breakfast now…

  3. Vicki P says

    I have been to Blueberry Hill in La Grange and Aurora. Wish my husband was more of a breakfast person so we could go more often. Have fun in DC

  4. says

    Have a great trip and good luck with the packing. I always wait until the last minute. It’s really because I’m disorganized but I convince myself that it actually forces me to pack only what I need, since I have less time.

    That breakfast looks amazing!

  5. sue says

    Hope you have a great trip- it sounds like fun! I love DC. Those pictures made my stomach growl… my FULL stomach :)


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