A Meme, at T Minus 1 Day

OK, friends, I’m not really one to do these sorts of things, but Robin Sue at Big Red Kitchen tagged me for this meme, and so how can I say no?

But one more thing before you plunge into the below lists: We are T-1 day to Thanksgiving. As in, it’s tomorrow! Oh. My. Gosh. Something I’ve been meaning to tell you, planning to tell you for the past few weeks is that, this year, I will be doing the family feast. Yes, you read that right. My mom will still be making pumpkin pie, mainly because hers is perfect. But the rest is me. This whole prospect is terrifying and exciting, both, lightened only slightly by the fact that we are trimming the meal down because of location—we’re celebrating at the Wisconsin cabin. In fact, we are driving there right now. When I return, I promise stories, recipes and a full review of everything in between. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

On with the meme!

7 Things I Did before
1. Went to college in Florida
2. Went to college in Wisconsin
3. Earned a degree—in education!?
4. Worked at an insurance agency
5. Went back to college, this time in Illinois
6. Wrote for newspapers and magazines
7. Edited books as an intern

7 Things I Do Now
1. Read food blogs
2. Feel inspired by food blogs
3. Try new recipes!
4. Fail in the kitchen!
5. Wonder why I even try
6. Succeed in the kitchen!
7. Wonder why everyone doesn’t love cooking!

7 Things I Would Like To Do
1. Try sushi
2. Bake a perfect pie crust (This one was very close)
3. Play with my two favorite kids
4. Conquer souffle
5. Create a delicious Thanksgiving meal (Done! Thanksgiving 2008)
6. Enjoy another food group as much as I do cookies
7. Take a cooking class

7 Things That Attract Me to the Opposite Sex
1. Passion for God
2. Kindness
3. Strength/Courage
4. The ability to tell a good story
5. Intelligence
6. Self sacrifice
7. Sense of humor

7 Foods I Love
1. Neapolitan-style pizza
2. Grandma’s oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies
3. Italian bread
4. Anything with garlic—Lots of Garlic!
5. Warm Cobbler with ice cream on top
6. My dad’s amazing coffee
7. My mom’s fork-tender pot roast

7 Things I Say Most Often
1. Oh my gosh.
2. Interesting!
3. Right?
4. I am so serious.
5. That’s funny.
6. Thank you.
7. I love you.

And if you’ve made it this far, you deserve a prize. How about a photo of one of my mom’s Thanksgiving turkeys from a few years ago?

Yeah. Good thing there’s no pressure.


  1. Shannalee says

    Thanks, guys! You’re troopers for making it through this one. :) Hope you all had wonderful Thanksgivings!

  2. says

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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